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Football Coverage

What is coverage? Football coverage is some basic strategies a football defense can use to stop a team from scoring. Get ready to learn all about football coverage.

Football Coverage

Coverage in football shows the alignment of the defense on the field. A good defense will adapt their coverage strategy based on the opposing team. There are two basic kinds of coverage:

Man To Man

With man to man coverage every defensive player is assigned an offensive player to cover.

Football Man To Man

In man to man, player cover other players based on:

  • skill level
  • size
  • speed
  • player position

An example of man to man coverage in football is when a cornerback will cover a wide receiver. This prevents the wide receiver from getting open to catch a pass thrown by the quarterback.


With zone coverage defensive payers are assigned areas on the football field called zones to protect. If a player on offense enters the assigned zone, the defensive player must defend it.

Football Zone

Zone is great for defending passing plays. On a passing play, the defense will protect a zone and watch for receivers on the offense that enter them.


A blitz is when the defense sprints towards the ball carrier to tackle him for a sack right after the snap. The ball carrier is usually the quarterback or a running back.

Football Blitz

The term blitz comes from the German word blitzkrieg, a strategy of war from World War II. Blitzing is a football philosophy designed to overwhelm the opposing team quickly before they have time to react.

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