Football Coordinators

Chapter 3.7

Who's in control of a football team? How do teams decide what to do on the field? Get ready to learn about coordinators and a team's command hierarchy.

Chain Of Command

Every football team has a chain of command. Just like an army, decisions go through a chain of key personnel before ultimately being executed by the players. That chain of command usually looks like this for professional football teams:

Rookie Road Football Chain of Command Image

Since we've learned that there are three units of players in football:

Each unit will have a coordinator whose job is to relay the play calls from the head coach to the players on the field.

Team Captains

In between those players and the coordinators is a unit captain. Like for the offensive unit, the captain is usually the quarterback.

Player Position Coaches

It can even become more specialized based on a player's position. Many pro teams will have a coach specifically for a player's position. Like the offensive line coach for all players on the offensive line.

KEY TAKEAWAY: There is a chain of command on every football team where decisions and play calls travel through. Coordinators are usually second in command just under the head coach.

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