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Football Coordinator

What is a coordinator in football? What is the job of the football coordinator? Get ready to learn about football coordinators and what they do on a football team.

Football Command

Every football team has a chain of command. Just like the army, decisions go through a chain of key personnel before ultimately being executed by the players. That chain of command looks like this for an NFL team:

Football Coordinators

Each group of players on the offense, defense, and special teams has a coordinator in charge:

Football Coordinators

PRO TIP: There may be additional coordinators based on the player positions. Many NFL teams have coordinators for offensive line, linebackers, quarterbacks, and more.

Football Coordinator Jobs

The job of the football coordinator is to relay the play calls from the head coach to the players on the field.

KEY TAKEAWAY: There is a chain of command on every football team where decisions and play calls travel through. Coordinators are usually second in command just under the head coach.

Football Captains

The football captain communicates orders from the coordinators to his fellow players. For the offense, the captain is typically the quarterback.

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