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Football Conversion

What is a conversion in football? We've already learned about the football 2 point conversion. Let's revisit it in this tutorial on football conversions.


We've already learned about the two point conversion and how a team can score two points on the PAT.

The two point conversion is also known as a conversion for short. In this tutorial, we will revisit the two point conversion and discuss how it works.

Football Conversion

A conversion is performed by the special teams and happens after a touchdown is scored. Conversions require a team to bring the ball in the opposing team's end zone. The conversion takes place on the 2nd yard line and is used to get two additional points.

Football Conversion

If a team fails on the conversion, they earn zero additional points.

IMPORTANT: If a team misses the conversion, they only earn six points on the drive from the touchdown.

Although starting closer to the end zone on the 2nd yard line may sound easier, conversions are hard to make. The opposing team's defense will be ready to stop you.

If it's a multiple possession game (a team is losing by more than one touchdown), they may decide to go for two points.

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