Football Field Components

Chapter 1.3

What are end zones? What is the field of play? Get ready to learn about the two major components that make up a football field.

Field Components

There are two major components of a football field that every fan must know:

End Zones

All scoring happens here in the end zones and each team gets one to defend. Whenever a score is made in football it happens in the end zones. End zones measure 10 yards long.

Rookie Road Football End Zones Image

At the front of each end zone is the goal line. At the back of each end zone is the end line.

The Goal Post

The goal post is located on the end line at the back of the end zone.

Rookie Road Football Goal Posts Image

The goal post is used during the following scoring methods that we will learn more about in future chapters:

The Pylons

At the four corners of each end zone are four orange pylons.

Rookie Road Football Pylons Image

KEY TAKEAWAY: There are two (2) end zones, one for each team to defend. All Scoring happens here. There is a goal post on the end line and four orange pylons at the corners of the end zones.

Field Of Play

The field of play is the area of the field located in between both end zones highlighted below. It is made up of the goal lines and sideline and measures 100 yards long. All play happens in the field of play.

Rookie Road Football Field of Play Image

PRO TIP: Did you know that only 11 players can be on the field of play per team during a scrimmage down? If more than 11 players are on the field of play during a down, their team will be assessed a penalty called Too Many Men On the Field. We'll cover scrimmage downs in future chapters.

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