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Football Break The Plane

What is breaking the plane in football? When does a touchdown count? Get ready to learn about football breaks.

Break The Plane

All scoring happens in the end zones.

Football End Zone

The line at the front of the end zone is called the goal line.

Football Goal Line

The ball must break the plane of the goal line for a touchdown to count.

Officials stand on the goal line to make sure the ball breaks the imaginary three-dimensional plane of the goal line.

Football Breaking The Plane

Football Instant Replay

As a referee, there are situations where this is to close to call. Instant replay is used by officials to review the play.

Football Pylons

Officials will use the two orange pylons that are on the goal line as a reference point to see if the ball breaks the plane.

Football Pylons

The ball must pass above and stay within the pylons for a score to count.

Football Challenge

A coach may throw a challenge flag onto the field if a mistake is made by an official. A challenge requires the review of play with instant replay.

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