Football Agility, Speed, and Footwork Drills List

Football Agility Speed and Footwork Drills

List of Agility, Speed, and Footwork Drills

  • Karaoke
  • Circle-Around-The-Cone
  • Fast Feet Drill
  • Weave and Zig-Zag
  • Four-Cone Box
  • Speed Ladder Change-of-Direction
  • Left-to-Right Jumps
  • Single-Leg Ball Squats
  • Single-Leg Band Jumps
  • Jump Rope


Karaoke is a pure footwork drill that has the player running sideways, stepping with the lead foot and crossing over and behind it in an alternating pattern up the field. This can be combined with a ladder for more advanced players.


The circle-around-the cone drill has the player take short, quick steps around a cone before exploding into a sprint.

Fast Feet Drill

The fast feet drill adds more cones to the previous drill and forces the player to slow down and backpedal halfway through the sprint before continuing again.

Weave and Zig-Zag

The weave and zig-zag drills both involve cones and have players weaving in and out of a straight line of cones. In a weave drill, the player moves about the cones, but backpedals before passing the next one and then running forward in order to progress. In a zig-zag drill, the player just goes from one cone to the next.

Four-Cone Box

The cones used in the four-cone box drill are arranged in a square. The player starts at one, sprints to the one in front of them, shuffles sideways to the next one on their side without crossing their feet, backpedals to the next cone, and then turns and runs to the final cone.

Speed Ladder Change-of-Direction

The speed ladder change-of-direction drill has the player going through a ladder as quickly as possible, both sideways and backwards, before breaking into a sprint. This drill helps improve a player’s footwork, speed, and agility so that they can make split-section movements during game time.

Left-to-Right Jumps

Left-to-right jumps, as well as single-leg hops, both use miniature hurdles arranged so that the player has to jump on one leg from side to side before progressing forward, or simply in a straight line respectively. This drill helps players improve their speed and their explosive power on the field.

Single-Leg Ball Squats

Single-leg ball squats use a large exercise ball between the player and a wall, which is kept there as the player performs a squat on one leg. This drill helps players improve their balance as well as their running power on the field.

Single-Leg Band Jumps

The single-leg band jump is a one-leg squat performed by the player while holding onto an exercise band before exploding into a jump. This drill helps players work on their balance and symmetry when making explosive movements forward on the field.

Jump Rope

Players can use a jump rope to jump not only up and down but also side to side and front to back. This will help a football player work on their footwork and agility to prepare for when quick and accurate steps must be taken in the game.


How do you increase your agility, speed, and footwork in football?

In order to increase your agility, speed, and footwork in football, you must practice drills that involve moving in different directions at a fast pace. Most of these drills involve cones or ladders, as they are a great way of improving all three of these attributes. Practicing these drills will make you quicker and more agile on your feet.

What are the best drills for increasing speed and agility in football?

The best drills for increasing speed and agility in football are ladder drills, fast feet drills, and jump rope drills. These three drills will help develop a player’s leg muscles for greater speed but will also help prepare them to move their feet both quickly and accurately. Speed and agility can make the difference between who wins the game and who loses.