Football Turnover

A turnover in football is when teams switch possession of the ball. Turnovers in football happen when there is a fumble, interception, or turnover on downs.

Football Scrimmage Line

The scrimmage line shows the spot of the ball on the football field. When a turnover happens, a new scrimmage line and first down line will be marked on the field by the chain crew where the ball was declared dead.

Football Offense

Football Offense

When a team gets the ball, they are on offense. Whichever team is in possession of the ball is the team that's considered to be on offense.


A fumble happens when the ball carrier drops the ball and it's recovered by a player on the opposing team. When the ball carrier drops the ball, it becomes a loose ball and can be recovered by any player.

Strip The Ball

When a defensive player strips the ball from the ball carrier, he forces a fumble. Stripping the ball requires a defensive player to use his hands to hit the ball out of the ball carrier's grip.

Stiff Arm

The ball carrier should protect the ball from being stripped by tucking it deep in the armpit of the dominant arm. The ball carrier should use his less dominant arm as his stiff arm to block any attempts made to strip the ball.


An interception happens when a defensive player catches a pass. Interceptions require the defensive player to stay inbounds, not let the ball touch the ground, and maintain control of the ball.

Turnover on Downs

Football Turnover on Downs

A turnover on downs in football happens when the offense does not reach the first down line in four downs.