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Football Try

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Football Try

After a team scores a touchdown, they can earn additional points on an untimed down called the try.

Football PAT

After a touchdown is scored, teams can earn one or two additional points. This is called the PAT or try.

Football Extra Points

The extra point requires the team to kick the ball into the opposing team's goal post starting at the 15 yard line. It is performed by a special teams kicker.

Football Extra Points

Football 2 Point Conversion

The 2 point conversion requires the team to carry or catch the ball in the opposing team's end zone. Teams start on the opponent's 2nd yard line. The 2 point conversion involves an entire team's effort for it to run smoothly.

Football Two-point Conversion

REMEMBER: No one calls it a try in football. This term is only used in the rulebook. Everyone calls the try the extra point or the 2 point conversion.

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