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Football Touchdowns

What is a touchdown in football? How many points is a touchdown? Get ready to learn about football touchdowns.


A touchdown in football is worth six points and requires a team to bring the football into the opposing team's end zone. Wide receivers are most likely to score long touchdowns. Running backs are often used to punch into the endzone from the one or two yard line.

Touchdown Rules

To score a touchdown, a player must:

Football Passing

A player must remain inbounds when catching a pass. A successful catch is called a completion. In the NFL, both feet must be inbounds when catching a pass. In college football, only one foot must be inbounds for a completion. This makes it easier to make touch catches at the college level.

Break The Plane

The goal line marks the front of the end zone. For a touchdown to count, the ball must go through the goal line. This is called breaking the plane of the goal line.

Football Instant Replay

Sometimes a touchdown is too close to call. Instant replay may be used to see if the ball went through the goal line, and broke the plane. It can also be used to check if the ball carrier had possession. Every scoring play is reviewed, but a delay in the game only occurs if the reviewing team has to take several looks because it's a close call.


After a touchdown is scored, teams can earn one or two additional points. This is called the PAT or try.

Remember that the line for the extra point kick was moved back from the two yard line to the 15 yard line. This changes it from a 19 yard kick to a 32 yard kick. That's much less of guaranteed kick.

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