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Football Offense

What is the offense? How many players are on the offense? What are the positions of the football offense? Get ready to learn all about football offenses.

Football Offense

In football, a team will never attack or defend in the same play or with the same players. The same way, there are coaches that handle only the offensive stuff and coaches that focus only on defense. The team that has the ball is on offense. The players that make up the offensive unit are called offensive players. Both teams have an offense and a defense, which are in two different units and never take the field at the same time. Only one team's offense is on the field at a time. If the special teams are in play, no offense is on the field.


Offense Positions

A football offense has the following positions:

Football Offense Objectives

The goals of the offense are:

The offense accomplishes these goals through running plays and passing plays that move the ball closer to the opposing team's end zone. Passing plays can be successful, with a reception, or unsuccessful, with an incompletion or interception. The success of running plays, or rushing plays, is judged by how far the offense advances the ball.

Whenever the offense scores a touchdown, commits a turnover or fails to travel the ten yards in four downs, the offensive team leaves the field, and either the special teams or the defensive team takes the field to start a new play.

Football Huddles

A football huddle is when a group of players gather together on the field for a short meeting to discuss the upcoming play. The offense may perform a huddle or skip it before the down. If they continuously skip huddles because there is not much time left, it's called a no huddle offense or a hurry up offense, which due to the lack of planning can become sloppy or confused at times.

Offense Terms

Here are some glossary terms related to the offense:

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