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Football Halftime

What is halftime in football? What is the halftime show in football? Let's learn about football halftime.

Football Halftime

We've already learned about the structure of a football game. Every football game is made up of two halves or four quarters of game time. Between the second and third quarters of the game, there is a long break in play called halftime. This period lasts approximately twelve minutes, and allows players and teams time to reorganize and prepare for the third and fourth quarters.


During halftime, play is suspended. Most commonly, the teams go into their respective locker rooms to strategize. During this period, another form of entertainment will take over the field and perform for the spectators. This performance is called the halftime show.

Football Halftime Show

The halftime show usually consists of some form of entertainment like a marching band or a celebrity performer in the case of a superbowl. Outside of this entertainment, this is a time for more commercials and for sports analysts to comment on the game.

PRO TIP: If you're watching on TV, there's usually a breakdown of each team's performance by sports analysts on major networks.

Football Halftime Speech

While commercials and the halftime show are going on, the team gets an opportunity to talk in the locker room. Most commonly, the head coach will give a speech to players in order to motivate them for the second half. If they are down at the half, the coach will have to inspire them to do better, and if they are up at the half, the coach wants to make sure they keep up the momentum. These speeches during halftime are crucial to keeping up team morale for the second half. football-halftime

Football Second Half

When play returns in the second half, the team who lost the coin toss at the beginning now has control. They have to choose which goal to defend, and whether to receive or kick the ball. This allows for fairness between the two teams so that each of them have the opportunity to be in control at the beginning of a half.

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