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Football Game Clock

What is the game clock in football? The football game clock keeps track of time in each quarter. How much time is on the football game clock? Get ready to learn about the football game clock.

Football Game Clock

All clocks in football count towards zero. There are two clocks in football:

The game clock keeps track of game time in the current quarter.


REMEMBER: There are four quarters of game time in a football game.

Football Quarters

In college football and the NFL, each quarter lasts 15 minutes. The game clock will start at 15:00 and ticks until it reaches 0:00.

In high school football, each quarter lasts 12 minutes. The game clock starts at 12:00 and ticks until it reaches 0:00.

PRO TIP: If the game clock hits zero while it's still a live ball, the quarter or game isn't over until the ball is declared dead by officials.

Football Clock Stops

The game clock will continuously count towards zero, but it will temporarily stop for the following reasons:

The game clock will resume when the ball is snapped back into play.

Football Timeouts

Timeouts are used to stop the game clock from ticking. There is a finite number of timeouts a team has each half.

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