Learn To Fish

fishing basics

To be able to have a successful day of fishing, there are four things that you must know how to do.

Setting the hook: It is important that you learn how to tie the knots that are necessary, and how to bait the hook without hurting yourself in order to go out and fish on your own.

Casting: There are certain ways to cast. You need to hold down the line and release at just the right time to get your bait/lure out in the water.

Reeling in the fish: It is important you know what to do once a fish is actually hooked onto your line.

Releasing the fish: If you are able to reel in a fish, it is important to know how to take it off your line once you bring it on land. The sooner you are able to get it off, the sooner you are able to get back to fishing.

Ways To Learn Fishing

The best way to get into fishing is during the summertime when you are simply looking to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it is by yourself, or with friends, it will be great to experience what nature has to offer in your surrounding area. The best way to do it would be to find some friends who might know where the best spots are, and ask them to take you out themselves. If you do not have friends that have that fish, that is okay too. If you go to the bait and tackle shop to buy equipment, they can tell you what spots to go to, and answer any questions that you may have.

Another good option would be to go on a charter boat. This boat will supply you with a rod and reel, bait, and whatever else you may need at a low fee. However, if you want to do this, make sure you buy a package of seasick medicine!

Teaching Yourself Fishing

While it is likely more efficient to learn how to fish first hand from somebody, it is definitely possible to teach yourself fishing. You are going to need at least a little bit of experience first. It is recommended that you should at least hop on the charter boat first, and learn the ins and outs of fishing on that day. Once you are able to cast, bait the hook, and the other fundamentals, you should be able to teach yourself just about everything else.

Having the basics locked down will allow you to teach yourself everything else through the internet. The internet has numerous websites that can teach you the fundamentals of fishing and how to use proper technique when fishing for a certain fish.

Time To Learn

When on a charter boat, you can learn fishing in that one day, as the crew will help you every step of the way in making sure that you are doing everything properly.

By the end of the day, you should be ready to go out to the pier and try everything out yourself. Of course, there may be a little bit of struggling as you are still a beginner, but the more time you put into the better you will be. After about 1-2 months of constant fishing and learning about the different aspects, you should have a pretty good grasp on what you are doing and maybe even be ready to help a friend of your own!

Learning Difficulty

Depending on the types of fishing you are doing, the level of difficulty can vary pretty drastically. Below are a couple of types of fishing and just how difficult they can be.

Fishing at the pond: Perhaps the easiest way to fish. You can catch small fish with easy-to-find bait. Simply baiting the hook, watching the bobber sink, then reeling in is often enough to catch yourself a fish.

Fishing with lures: This is a bit more difficult since every lure is used differently, and it will take time to learn exactly how to use each lure.

Saltwater fishing: There are often some pretty big fish in saltwater, and it is important to know which external factors come into play (weather, tide, etc.). This requires a lot of knowledge that will be developed over a relatively long period of time.

Deep-sea fishing: Perhaps the hardest type of fishing, even if you are on a charter. Simply reeling in a fish when it is hooked won’t be enough, as these are large fish that will put up quite the fight when you try to reel it in.

Things You Need To Learn Fishing

If you are going to go on a charter boat, then you do not need anything to fish. The boat will always provide you with the proper equipment and also will help you out in catching the fish.

If you want to teach yourself how to fish, then there are some certain pieces of material that you will need to gather. First you will need a rod and a reel. Then you are going to need a tackle box. There are so many different pieces of equipment that you can put in your tackle box and the more you end up collecting, the better off you will be. You are going to need hooks, weights, bobbers, lures, and scissors. Different lures attract different fish, so you are going to want to gather a couple different types. Also, different sized hooks will catch you different sized fish, so you want a variation in your hook collection as well. It is also important you get more than one of everything, in case you lose one of them while you are fishing.

Cost To Learn

The costs of fishing will vary depending on the scenario. If you feel that you have a good grasp on how to cast and don’t feel the need to go on a charter boat. All it will cost is a rod, reel, and some tackle. A standard rod and reel can be found for as cheap as $20 at any sporting goods store. You are also going to want to buy some tackle, which in total for everything you will need will likely cost another $20. Throughout your fishing career, you are going to need more tackle, and are going to want to buy new lures to update the tackle box, so it is important to be mindful of those costs as well.

When it comes to learning on a charter boat. Most standard charter boats cost around $60 a day depending on the location. If you are in a nice area and fishing for bigger fish, then those prices may become a little bit steeper.