Fishing 101

How does Fishing work? What are the basic fundamentals of the game? Get ready to learn about Fishing 101. You don't need any prior knowledge to start learning.

Fishing 101

Fishing The Basics

Fishing is a sport in which athletes compete to catch fish using a pole, a line, and a hook. Typically, fisherman aim to catch “big game” or larger fish weighing more than that of a normal one. The fisherman at the end of a tournament with the highest total net weight is declared the winner.

Fishing Basics

Fishing Equipment and Gear

In fishing, the basic equipment needed includes a fishing rod, a fishing line, and a fishing hook. Fisherman use these in order to cast a line into the water in order to tempt and catch fish. Fishermen also need a boat in order to go out onto the water to catch bigger name fish. Athletes may also wear hats and sunglasses to shield their eyes from the sun.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing Penalties and Rules

There are not many penalties in fishing other than the fact that athletes are held to high levels of sportsmanship. This means that athletes must be kind and courteous to officials and other athletes. Also, the use of alcohol and or drugs during any fishing event is prohibited and can result in suspension or disqualification.

Fishing Penalties and Rules

Fishing Positions

Fishermen must position themselves on the boat in the best possible way to both get their line into the water and to attract and catch fish. Positioning a line is also an important concept and many athletes take years to perfect this. Placing your line is a skill that is best exercised by finding areas where fish congregate. Also, in reeling fish in, athletes must be strong on their rod and reel at a balanced pace in order to bring the fish in.

Fishing Positions

Important Fishing Concepts

There are many important concepts to know surrounding fishing. For example, casting a line in which athletes must rear back and send the line into the water far away from the boat and in an area in which they will be successful catching fish. Here is a list of a few important concepts to know regarding fishing:

  • Casting a line
  • Reeling in
  • Chumming
  • Standing End
  • Trolling

Fishing 101 Terms

There are many important terms to know regarding competitive fishing. Here is a list of just a few important terms to know:

  • Lure
  • Bait
  • Casting Spoon
  • Hook
  • Jig
  • Leader
  • Reel
  • Rod
  • Sinker
  • Snap