When Are You Too Old To Start Figure Skating?

When Are You Too Old To Start Figure Skating

Figure skating is, undoubtedly, a wonderful sport. A lot of people are fascinated by it and dream of learning how to skate themselves. However, those in their older years might doubt whether it’s too late for them to start. Read this article to learn about when it is too late to start figure skating…or is it ever?

What is the Best Age to Start Figure Skating?

What is the Best Age to Start Figure Skating

There is not necessarily a best age to start. However, just like in most sports, the earlier you begin your ice skating journey, the better. One of the reasons for this is the increase in the number of hours it will take you to learn how to figure skate and perform different tricks. For example, professional figure skaters who are later competing in the Olympics usually start very young - at only 3-4 years old. They tend to begin their training from such an early age because the younger you are, the more flexible your body is and the easier it is for you to get used to skates on slippery ice.

When Are You Too Old to Start Figure Skating?

In every sport, including figure skating, the most important part is your determination and willingness to work. In other words, age is definitely not a predetermining factor here, so there is no such thing as “too old.” As long as you are truly committed and aren’t scared of falling down a few times, you are more than welcome to come to any skating rink and start your figure skating journey.

The only obstacle that might occur if starting at an older age is the amount of time you would have to spend learning basic figure skating moves. However, with the right figure skating coach, you will find yourself learning much faster and hitting fewer bumps in the road or on your tush. A great option would also be finding a figure skating group of newbies and taking skating lessons together. That way, it will be not only productive but also fun and will potentially result in finding new friends with common interests.

How to Get Started in Figure Skating

If you are truly committed to learning how to skate, it is time to go sign up for classes regardless of the age you are at! However, it is also important to have realistic expectations of what your figure skating experience will look like - don’t attempt to start with double or triple jumps, or do spins - especially if unsupervised. During your first class, you might want to start learning how to glide on two feet or how to brake using your skate blades.

The greatest advice would be to not give up if you can’t perform your tricks or moves on the first try - sometimes, learning how to do moves might even take a few lessons. It is completely normal and even professional figure skaters can struggle with learning new tricks. If you feel like, even after many tries, that you are still struggling, don’t be shy and ask for help from people around you who seem to be more experienced. Any figure skater would love to help their fellow sportsman!