What Do Figure Skaters Carry In Their Gym Bag?

What Do Figure Skaters Carry in Their Gym Bag

If you have ever come across a professional figure skater, you probably noticed the heavy gym bags they carry around. For figure skaters, these bags are an important part of their figure skating experience. In those, they carry almost everything they might potentially need to skate or to workout at the gym. Read on to learn about what figure skaters carry in their bag.

What Bags Do Figure Skaters Carry?

There are three popular types of figure skating bags that you will likely see figure skaters carry around. The simplest one is a triangle-shaped roller skate or figure skating bag. It’s the cheapest but also the smallest, which is why most beginners use it.

The second bag is the ventilated backpack that you can carry around on your shoulders. This one is more spacious and has more separate pockets for water, skates, and other small equipment.

Lastly, the most popular bag among professional and semi-professional figure skaters is a Zuca: a bag on wheels. It has the most space any figure skating bag can offer. Zucas also have the shape of a chair, so figure skaters can sit on it to lace their skates or just take a break. It has two large separate compartments inside, along with multiple little pockets on the inside and outside. Zucas also come in several different colors and designs, so figure skaters can choose whichever one is to their liking.

What’s Inside a Figure Skater’s Bag?

Here’s a list of all the most important pieces of equipment all figure skaters carry in the bags. However, there might be some extra equipment added when a figure skater goes out for a competition:

  • Figure skates and skate guards
  • Outfit to wear on ice (usually special figure skating leggings and layers of t-shirts and sweatshirts for extra warmth or a skating romper)
  • Two or more pairs of gloves
  • Extra outfit and extra layers if cold
  • Extra pair of laces
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks to eat in-between skating lessons
  • Special white tape for skates
  • Two or more hair ties
  • Gym clothes
  • Gym/running sneakers 

What’s Inside a Figure Skater’s Competition Bag?

When it's competition season, figure skaters slightly change the contents of their bags. They usually add a few things like:

  • Competition outfit
  • Hair and makeup accessories
  • Required documents and registration information
  • Extra tights (usually the ones to match their skin color)
  • Skates covers to match their competition outfit
  • Pair or two of gloves to also match their competition outfit 

Previously, skaters would carry disks or USBs with their dance music on it. Nowadays, more and more figure skating competitors choose to use online music. However, some skaters still carry one of those components with them, just in case.