Can You Figure Skate In A Skirt?

Can You figure Skate In A Skirt

Figure skating is an elegant sport where one glides across the ice on skates. Skaters create quite the spectacle as they dance, leap, and spin on the ice, transfixing their audience and filling them with a sense of wonder. We cannot fully appreciate figure skating and all the skill it entails without acknowledging some of the baser aspects of the sport, such as the performance outfits. Yes, female skaters can wear skirts but there are dress code regulations to be followed for any piece of clothing that a skater wears. Read on to learn about skater dress code and how to wear a skirt during competition.

Figure Skater Dress Code

When performing in ISU (International Skating Union) Championships, competitors must follow “The Katarina Rule.” Coming into effect after the 1988 games, the rule required female competitors to cover their hips and butts. The rule was repealed in 2004, allowing skaters to wear pants, tights, and unitards.

However, “The Katarina Rule” still requires skaters to wear honorable, dignified, modest clothing and prevents them from wearing flashy clothing that detracts from their performance. Additionally, it ensures that skaters do not offend people by showing too much of themselves. As long as they follow this, skaters can wear anything from short shorts and skirts to pants and leggings. Sometimes, performers even wear dresses (though usually not long dresses).

Choosing What to Wear With Caution

Although figure skates have a wide range of clothing options, some are better than others. The skirt is usually the most culturally acceptable option, but it still comes with its own unique set of pros and cons. Listed below are the benefits and pitfalls of wearing a skirt while figure skating.

Pros of wearing a skirt while skating:

  • Skirts keep performers cool as they sweat on the ice.
  • Skirts show off the skater’s legs, which the judges use when making scoring decisions.
  • Skirts give the competitor more mobility.
  • Skirts add a little flare to spin moves and other figure skating tricks.

Cons of wearing a skirt while skating:

  • Skirts do not protect against the cold ice, especially when one falls.
  • Skirts require short shorts or another article of clothing underneath to keep the skater modest and protected during falls.
  • The skirt can get caught on a skater’s arm or their partner.
  • Skirts can add drag as skaters spin.

Things to Keep in Mind When Skating With a Skirt

Many amateur and professional figure skaters wear a skirt when performing. Therefore, they must consider several pros and cons when selecting their uniform. If you do decide that a skirt is the best choice for your routine, here a few tips on selecting the exact right skirt for your needs:

  • Never pick a skirt that is too long. You do not want the skirt to get caught in the skates.
  • Keep in mind the importance of protective padding. A performer’s partner’s skates can be dangerous in the right instances. Without proper protection, you could get cut.
  • Wear something underneath your skirt, such as leggings. It is not fun to hit the ice with your bare skin, and judges will deduct points for lack of modesty.