At What Age Do Figure Skaters Retire?

At What Age Do Figure Skaters Retire

As beautiful as figure skating is, it’s still a very difficult and demanding sport. It requires being in great physical shape and great health. This is why the age at which most figure skaters retire is pretty young.

At What Age Do Figure Skaters Start?


Professional figure skaters usually start at the age of 3-4 because that’s when they are the most flexible and can learn to skate faster. When they turn 5-6, they start learning some moves and tricks to perform at competitions. Since they start at such an early age, it takes time to learn as many tricks as possible, starting with the easiest ones, such as sliding on two feet. Eventually, they will work up to triple (or even quadruple) jumps and the most complicated spins. It is encouraged for those who want to be professional figure skaters to start as early as they can; however, it is definitely not a requirement. There are still some figure skaters who started late but still made their way to the victory podium.

At What Age Do Figure Skaters Retire?

Professional figure skaters usually retire and end their competitive careers at around 30 years old. Although, there are exceptions to this rule. After they retire, most figure skaters teach at ice skating rinks. If they’ve earned themselves a name during their figure skating career, it is very easy for them to get involved in coaching.

Why Do Figure Skaters Retire?

Many figure skaters retire so early because of the amount of time and effort required for training and performances. Such a schedule can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. In addition, most professional figure skaters will have at least a few injuries, some of which even result in surgeries. Some figure skaters are forced to retire even earlier than normal because of severe injuries that prevent them from skating on a professional level. This is always a considerable trauma for figure skaters since most devote their lives to competing in the sport. With age, competing at such a high level may also get harder.

What Does Retirement Mean?

Professional figure skaters usually retire when they feel like they are no longer able to compete on the same level they used to. They typically make an official announcement through their social media channels or make an appearance on TV to announce their retirement. For most of them, it is definitely a lifetime decision and is also a huge disappointment for their fans. Retirement is a unique journey for every figure skater, and their post-retirement roads may vary. For some, it is a road to teaching and staying involved with the sport. For others, it is a road to enjoying their life and doing things they didn't get to do during their figure skating career.