FIFA Women's World Cup Golden Glove

fifa World Cup Golden Glove

At the conclusion of each women’s FIFA World Cup, in addition to the championship trophy, there are lots of individual awards that are handed out. Since the 2003 edition of the World Cup, the Golden Glove has been given to honor the goalkeeper with the best performance at the tournament. Read on to learn more about this award and who has won it.

Golden Glove History

In 2003 and 2007, the award was simply known as the Best Goalkeeper Award. In 2011, it was renamed the Golden Glove Award, which it still is known as to this day. While there was no award handed out in 1999, there were two goalkeepers named to the first ever post-tournament All-Star team. There was no All-Star team following the first two women’s World Cups in 1991 or 1995.

While Gao Hung of China and Briana Scurry of the United States were named to the aforementioned All-Star team in 1999, the first official winner of the Best Goalkeeper/Golden Glove Award was Silke Rottenberg of Germany at the 2003 tournament in the United States.

Nadine Angerer of Germany made it back-to-back Best Goalkeeper Awards for Germany at the 2007 tournament in China before Hope Solo of the United States won the first Golden Glove Award in 2011 in Germany.

Solo became the first and still only two-time winner of the award when she won her second straight Golden Glove in 2015 in Canada. The most recent Golden Glove Award winner is Sari van Veenendaal, who became the first Dutch goalkeeper to win the award in 2019 in France.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Golden Glove Winners

  • 1999 United States: Gao Hong, Briana Scurry
  • 2003 United States: Silke Rottenberg
  • 2007 China: Nadine Angerer
  • 2011 Germany: Hope Solo
  • 2015 Canada: Hope Solo
  • 2019 France: Sari van Veenendaal


What is the Golden Glove award at the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

The Golden Glove Award at the FIFA Women’s World Cup is an award that is handed out to the goalkeeper who is deemed to be the best at the conclusion of each tournament. The award was first handed out following the 2003 tournament, and for 2003 and 2007 it was simply known as the Best Goalkeeper Award. It officially became known as the Golden Glove Award prior to the 2011 World Cup, the name it still bears to this day.