What Is The Prize Money For The FIFA World Cup?

What Is The Prize Money For The FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the largest soccer event in the world, and there is a large amount of money distributed among the 32 teams participating. The total budget for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is $700 million, with $209 million going to the clubs of the players that are playing and $134 million going to insurance benefits.

How Much do Countries Receive for Participating in the World Cup?

As of 2022, every competing country gets $2.5 to prepare for the tournament. After the tournament, each team earns an additional $10 million just for taking part in the group stage.

Teams receive additional bonuses if they advance past the group stage. The further a team goes, the more money they earn. After the group stage, where 16 teams are eliminated, the prize money increases by $2 million. Then, eight teams will be eliminated during the round of 16, where the prize increases by $4 million. The quarterfinals, where four countries are eliminated, earn the losing countries $16 million. The country that wins the World Cup receives the largest prize.

How Much does the Winning Country Earn?

The team that outlasts all other 31 countries to win the World Cup earns $50 million for their victory. However, their total prize money is actually $62.5 million. This is because every team receives $12.5 million, regardless of how well they perform: $2.5 million to prepare for the tournament, plus $10 million for competing in the group stage. The country that places second receives $32 million ($44.5 million including preparation and group stage). 

How Does the Prize Money Change Over the Years?

The FIFA World Cup prize money has increased slightly from 2018 to 2022. In 2018, the winning country, France, only received a $38 million bonus for winning the championship, rather than 2022’s $50 million prize. The higher prize in 2022 is due to the 29% increase in revenue gained by the FIFA World Cup from TV rights, sponsorships, commercial activities, and ticket sales. The FIFA World Cup has gained a lot of attention in recent years, and the budget for the 2022 World Cup has drastically increased by 80% since 2014. This allows all teams to acquire more money since the number of countries participating has not changed.

What is the Prize Money for the Women’s FIFA World Cup?

The Women’s FIFA World Cup gives out much less money to its competing countries. The budget for the next Women’s FIFA World Cup, which will next take place in 2023, expects to have a significantly higher total sum than 2019’s total budget of $30 million. Like the men’s tournament, much of that budget is insurance money and features a $4 million prize to the winning country. While countries are paid $10 million in the men’s tournament for competing in the group stage, countries are paid just $750,000 in the women’s tournament for group stage play.

The total budget for the 2019 Women’s World Cup was $30 million, which is less than 1/20th of the men’s 2022 budget of $700 million.