How Many World Cups Has Brazil Won?

How Many World Cups Has Brazil Won

In total, Brazil has won a total of five FIFA World Cups. On the men’s side, Brazil is the most successful country in the FIFA World Cup. However, on the women's side, Brazil has yet to win a FIFA World Cup, but they did place second in the 2007 World Cup.

Brazil Men’s National Team World Cup Wins

Out of the 21 Men’s FIFA World Cups that have been played, Brazil has won five of them, the most out of any single country. Their first win was the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, and it was won 5-2 against Sweden. This win was followed by their World Cup win in 1962, which made it so that they won back-to-back titles. This win in Chile, in particular, was one that included an unequal match against Chile in the semi-finals. Chile, the host of the 1962 World Cup, was already the underdog when they won against the Soviet Union in the quarter-finals, so their loss in the semi-finals against Brazil wasn’t a surprise. The final was won against Czechoslovakia, and the score was 3-1. Brazil’s third win was the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, and they defeated Italy 4-1 in the final.

It wasn’t until 24 years and six World Cups later that Brazil won for the fourth time. This 1994 World Cup came at the right time for Brazil because the beloved F1 driver, Ayrton Senna, died tragically at an F1 event shortly before. The 1994 win in the United States proved to be just the thing Brazil needed. The Seleção (the nickname for the Brazil National Team) won their fifth World Cup in 2002. Playing in Korea/Japan, they faced Germany in the finals and won 2-0 to claim their most recent World Cup victory.

Brazil Men’s National Team Key Players

Every World Cup that the Brazil Men’s National Football Team has won has featured star players. Pelé is one of the most notable, and he played his first World Cup in 1958 at only 17 years old, winning the Adidas Silver Shoe that year. He also scored one of the four goals in the 1970 World Cup win. Garrincha was also a key player and proved to be essential in 1962 when Pelé was out. He also won the Adidas Golden Boot that year. The key player in the 1994 World Cup was Romário de Souza Faria, and he won the Adidas Golden Ball and the Adidas Bronze Shoe. In 2002, Ronaldo was one of the most important Brazilian players, and he won the Adidas Golden Boot following Brazil’s victory.

Brazil Women’s National Team World Cups

Out of the eight Women’s World Cups that have taken place, the Brazil Women’s National Team hasn’t won one yet. However, they have gotten close. In 1999, the Seleção won third place at the World Cup in the United States, beating Norway in the play-off for third place. They also played Germany in the 2007 World Cup final in China and lost 0-2. 

Brazil Women’s National Team Key Players

While the Brazil Women’s National Football Team hasn’t been able to claim their first World Cup victory yet, they have certainly featured some star players. The Brazilian star of the 1999 World Cup in China was Sissi, who won the Adidas Silver Ball and the Adidas Golden Boot. In 2007, Marta was the team’s best player, winning both the Adidas Golden Ball and the Adidas Golden Boot.