How Many Women's World Cups Has New Zealand Won?

How Many Womens World Cups Has New Zealand Won

The New Zealand Women’s National Soccer Team has competed in six Women's World Cups, including the first-ever Women's World Cup held in China in 1991. Despite their multiple appearances, New Zealand has never won a World Cup title. In fact, they have never even won a single World Cup match. The team has managed three draws, but suffered 15 defeats in their 18 World Cup matches. However, there is hope for New Zealand to turn things around in the upcoming 2023 World Cup, which they are co-hosting with Australia.

New Zealand's First Draw

New Zealand may have never won a World Cup match, but their first draw came in a dramatic fashion. In their final game at the 2011 World Cup, New Zealand faced Mexico in the Group Stage, having lost both of their prior matches. At that stage of the competition, both teams were already mathematically eliminated, so the match held no significance in terms of advancing. However, Mexico quickly took a 1-0 lead in the second minute with a goal from Stephany Mayor. New Zealand conceded another goal in the 29th minute, making the score 2-0 for Mexico.

The game remained at this score until the 89th minute, when captain Rebecca Smith netted New Zealand's first goal of the match and her first goal of the tournament. This goal injected renewed energy into the New Zealand side. Then, in the 93rd minute, three minutes into stoppage time, substitute Hannah Wilkinson scored the equalizing goal. For the first time ever, New Zealand's women's team managed to avoid defeat in a World Cup match, with a final score of 2-2.

2015 Women's World Cup

New Zealand had their best chance of advancing past the Group Stage in the 2015 World Cup. After suffering a 1-0 loss in their opening match against the Netherlands, the New Zealand team managed to secure two consecutive draws, ultimately finishing in last place in their group. Their destiny rested on their final match against China, where a victory would have secured their historic advancement to the knockout stage.

The game started positively for New Zealand when Rebekah Stott scored in the 27th minute, giving them the lead. However, their advantage lasted only 13 minutes before a New Zealand defender committed a foul inside the box, resulting in a penalty kick for China. Wang Lisi successfully converted the penalty, equalizing the score at 1-1 just before halftime. In the 59th minute, Wang Shanshan scored to put China ahead.

However, New Zealand quickly responded with a goal from Hannah Wilkinson, the “hero” from the 2011 tournament, just four minutes later. Unfortunately, this would be the final goal of the match, and when the final whistle blew, New Zealand was once again eliminated from the competition.

2023 Women's World Cup

In the summer of 2023, the New Zealand Women's National Team will have another opportunity to compete for the World Cup title. This year, they have a bit of an advantage, as they are a co-host nation, meaning that every game they play will be on their home soil. With an automatic bid to the tournament, an internationally broadcasted opening match, and the support of their nation, this could be the first time New Zealand wins the Women's World Cup, or, at the very least, secures their first  World Cup match victory.