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What are the Basic Rules of Field Hockey?

What Are The Most Basic Rules Of Field Hockey

Field hockey is a popular game in which players use a stick and try to score goals by hitting a ball into the opponents net. It has similarities to both soccer and hockey, and then a few unique rules that make field hockey special. Each team has 11 players, including the goalie. Most games are played in two halves, with varying length depending on the league. The game is played by advancing the ball up the field through passing and controlling the ball, and then attempting to shoot the ball into the goal. The goal of any team is to score more goals than their opponent. The basic rules are fairly simple, and the game can be easily understood by someone who doesn't know the game very well.

Some of the basic rules surround the way you control the ball. These violations will result in a free hit for the other team:

As far as equipment goes, goalies wear different and much larger pads and try to deflect the ball away from the goal. There are a few fouls in field hockey, most of which concern player safety. These fouls include hitting, shoving, tripping, hooking, among others.


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