List of Field Hockey Skills

List of Field Hockey Skills

Field hockey is a fun but competitive sport that requires a combination of physical skills and team strategy. Players must have the ability to be aggressive while making quick and constant decisions. In order to be successful in this sport, players must be willing to work well with others as a team.

List of Field Hockey Skills

  • Deception
  • Defense
  • Dribbling
  • First Touch
  • Flat Stick Tackling
  • Jab
  • Passing
  • Positioning and Leading
  • Shooting


These kinds of skills allow players to be misleading with their actions on the field. Demonstrating skills of deception means moving the body in ways that confuse the opponent. This skill can allow players to have more space when handling the ball.


Although important for all players, this skill is essential for halves and fullbacks. This skill involves using a player's stick and body to address opponents who possess the ball. Players must move their feet to match the movements of the offense. Having this skill allows players to retain the ball and prevent opponents from scoring.


This skill is how a player runs across the field while having possession of the ball. It is essential for players to keep close contact between their stick and the ball. This was included on the list because players are able to advance the ball with this skill.

First Touch

This skill is the capacity to receive a ball with control and move in the direction where space is. Players with this skill are able to angle their stick downwards and control the bounce of the ball off their stick. This skill allows possession to occur.

Flat Stick Tackling

This skill is a defense mechanism when an opponent is dribbling a ball. A player lays their stick flat against the ground with the toe pointing up. This skill should be executed when the opponent is moving towards a player. With this skill, players can regain possession of the ball.


In this skill, players use their stick to poke at or near a ball that is being possessed by an opponent. This skill can force opponents to a certain area of the field. This skill is essential because it allows players to put pressure on a different player handling the ball.


This is an obvious but crucial skill needed by all players. It is essential for players to have the ability to accurately and strategically advance the ball. Passing allows for good plays and attacks to occur. Without this skill, it can be extremely difficult to score points.

Positioning and Leading

Positioning is where players are on the field. Players need to be aware of their spacing between teammates and opponents in order to be in good positioning to receive the ball. Leading is when a player is creating an option for their teammate to pass to. These skills allow for better offensive play.


This skill is done with a varying degree of power and form. Regardless, this skill allows players to score points during play. Players must have this skill in order to take advantage of holes in the defense. Without this ability, players can't contribute offensively.