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Field hockey is a team sport played by athletes using sticks with the objective of scoring more goals than their opponent. Worldwide, field hockey is the third most popular sport behind soccer and cricket, and is primarily played in Europe and Southeast Asia. The sport is played with a small plastic ball that players hit with their sticks and dribble up the field. It is fundamentally similar rules-wise to ice hockey, but the goals are larger and the sport is played on turf or grass.


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Field hockey is a popular sport around the world. However, it's probably most popular in Canada.

What are the basic rules of field hockey?

11 players per team are on the field at once. Like any sport, there are rules that must be followed. Two to three umpires will be present throughout gameplay to ensure a game does not get out of hand. A player must wear the proper equipment and use their sticks in a legal manner, not intentionally hurt an opponent, and attempt to score in a manner that is allowed.

Is field hockey dangerous?

Like any sport, field hockey can be dangerous. However, numerous pieces of equipment are worn in order to prevent athletes from injury.

Although it may be less well-known than sports like basketball, football, and baseball, field hockey is actually the 3rd most popular team sport in the world following soccer and cricket.


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