Fencing Equipment List

What equipment is needed to play fencing? Here's a list of things you need to play fencing. Get ready to learn about the best gear players and coaches need to play fencing.

Fencing Equipment List

General Fencing Equipment

  • Underarm protector
  • Fencing Pants
  • Fencing Vest
  • Long Socks
  • Athletic shoes
  • Fencing Bag

Foil Equipment

  • Foil mask
  • Complete Electrical Foil
  • Foil/Saber Body Cord
  • Foil/Epee Glove
  • Foil Electric Jacket
  • Foil/Saber Mask Cord

Epee Equipment

  • Epee Mask
  • Complete Electrical Epee
  • Epee Body Cord
  • Foil/Epee Body Cord
  • Foil/Epee Glove

Saber Equipment

  • Saber Mask
  • Complete Saber
  • Foil/Saber Body Cord
  • Saber Glove
  • Saber Electrical Jacket
  • Foil/Saber Mask Cord

Fencing Equipment

Fencing is an ancient sport in which two people use sword-like weapons to try to touch each other, which leads to a point. If fencing sounds like something medieval, it's because it is! The sport evolved throughout time from medieval-time sword fighting to a beautiful and fast Olympic Sport that it is today.

What Equipment Do You Need To Play Fencing?

There are three different types of weapons in fencing: saber, epee, and foil. Each type of weapon has specific characteristics and other necessary pieces of equipment that you'll need to wield them. For example, for any weapon, you will need a full fencing uniform, which includes pants, a jacket, and an underarm protector. However, if you want to fence saber, you'll need a saber electric jacket, a saber glove, and also a saber, all of which are different from the equipment used for the other two weapons.

What Makes Fencing Equipment Unique?

Fencing is a sport with concrete equipment, and it can't be played without it. Also, specific safety requirements need to be followed for the participants not to get injured. While in practice sessions, athletes can use cheaper and less resistant equipment, in competitions, there are more rigorous rules. At times every single piece of an athlete's equipment will go through a checking process to be sure that they are up to the safety standards and fully functional.

Most Important Fencing Equipment To Buy

If you just started fencing or plan to do so, there is no need to buy all the equipment, as that can get very expensive. Most fencing clubs can lend their students all the equipment they need, especially beginners. However, if you are invested in the sport and want to purchase equipment, a full fencing uniform, which includes pants, a jacket, and an underarm protector, and a fencing mask would be an excellent way to start. Both these pieces of gear are very personal, and having your own can make you feel more comfortable. Over time, as you become better and more invested in the sport, it is a good idea to buy equipment.

Fencing Equipment Cost

There are various brands, levels, and types of fencing equipment. If you are a starter, there is no need to buy all of the most expensive equipment. You can get all the gear necessary for around $400. However, if you plan to start competing nationally and internationally, more high-end equipment will be needed, and in a larger quantity. If those are your plans, you can expect to spend around $1000 or even more to get all the best gear.

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