What Is The Wild Card In Fantasy Premier League?

What Is The Wild Card In Fantasy Premier League

In Fantasy Premier League, there are multiple features that a manager can select for their team only once throughout the season, allowing an advantage against other players. One of these boosts is called the Wild Card. The Wild Card is one of the most advantageous boosts that a manager can deploy, allowing the player to make unlimited permanent transfers in a single game week.

What is the Wild Card?

The Wild Card is a feature that managers can deploy only once per Fantasy Premier League season, which allows the manager to make unlimited permanent transfers for a single game week. In general, Fantasy Premier League managers are only given one free transfer option each game week. If managers decide to make multiple transfers, each transfer deducts points from the player’s total score. However, by activating the Wild Card, the manager can make as many free transfers as they wish over the course of the game week. While the Free Hit also allows managers to make unlimited squad changes in a week, the changes that a manager makes while using the Free Hit are not permanent and reverse in the following game week. On the other hand, changes made using the Wild Card are permanent and remain in future game weeks.

When Would a Manager Use Their Wild Card?

There are multiple reasons that a manager might want to deploy their Wild Card over the course of the season. The first reason is if a manager is unhappy with their fantasy squad or if their squad is not performing up to expectations. At the beginning of the season, the manager selects their squad while operating with a fixed budget. This means that the manager cannot select all of the most valuable Premier League players but instead must have a variety of more and less expensive athletes. When choosing the less valuable players, Fantasy Premier League managers must make predictions as to which Premier League players will perform well over the season. If, throughout the season, a manager’s fantasy team is not performing up to original expectations, the Wild Card can be activated to make unlimited transfers to completely redesign the fantasy team with players that are performing well.

The second reason a manager might want to use their Wild Card is if their fantasy team contains players that have long-term injuries or players that do not often play in matches. Throughout the Premier League season, many players become injured, causing them to miss future matches. Sometimes, players face injuries so severe that they are unable to play for months on end. If a Fantasy Premier League manager’s squad picks up multiple severe injuries over the course of the season, the injured athletes will not play and, as a result, will not generate fantasy points. In this scenario, it would be smart to deploy the Wild Card to transfer out the players that have long-term injuries, opting for healthy players that regularly play instead. 

It is important for Fantasy Premier League managers to choose the best time within their season to use the Wild Card as the boost can only be activities for a single game week. If used correctly, the Wild Card is a very powerful option that can dictate a player’s success throughout the remainder of the season.