Fantasy Football Wide Receivers (WR)

Football Wide Receiver

What is a WR in Fantasy Football?

Wide receivers are offensive players mainly tasked with catching balls thrown by the quarterback and occasionally running the ball. They are an important position in fantasy football and certainly the position with the most depth. Since NFL teams start two to three wide receivers, there is a plethora of talent to draft from and on the waiver wire each week. Wide receivers are often designated by the abbreviation WR.


Wide receivers are the second most coveted positions behind running backs during a fantasy draft. The top wide receivers are typically in the top ten for total points by position players at the end of the year. Wide receivers are also historically more reliable than running backs, with a star receiver’s fantasy careers lasting much longer and therefore being a better option for safe draft picking.

Due to the insurgence of points per reception (PPR) leagues, many owners will use the WR/WR strategy, meaning their first two picks will both be wide receivers. This tactic is used most often if a team has a later first round pick.


Wide receivers earn a point for every 10 yards they accumulate and six points per touchdown. Point per reception (PPR) leagues give out an extra point or half point per reception as well. Occasionally, wide receivers will earn rushing yards on end-arounds or backwards screen passes and are awarded a point for every 10 rushing yards as well. They lose two points for each fumble recovered by the defense.


The NFL has not always been such a pass-heavy league. In the early days of professional football, running the ball was the primary way to get the ball upfield. Thus, the wide receiver position has not always been as valuable of an asset. However, the NFL evolved into a pass-heavy league by the 1970s and has not turned back. Wide receivers are now one of the most valuable positions in fantasy football and are often taken during the first few rounds.

The best fantasy season ever, in standard scoring leagues, was accomplished by wide receiver Randy Moss in 2007. His 23 touchdowns are a single-season record and he hauled in 1,493 yards on 98 catches to go along with it.


What round should you draft a wide receiver in fantasy football?

Most fantasy football experts recommend selecting a wide receiver in the first or second round of the draft. While there are many wide receivers in the NFL, there are much fewer that are consistent fantasy performers. Additionally, since star wide receivers will accumulate some of the most points on the team, they are even more valuable.

What is a wide receiver in fantasy football?

In fantasy football, a wide receiver is an offensive player tasked with catching the football thrown by the quarterback. Though this is their main responsibility, wide receivers may also run the ball when necessary. Wide receivers generally line up at the very ends of the line of scrimmage across from the cornerbacks on defense.

What is a WR in fantasy football?

In fantasy football, the abbreviation WR refers to wide receivers. They line up at the line of scrimmage, typically at the ends to the left of the left tackle or to the right of the right tackle. This perfectly sets them up to run past the defense and catch a pass thrown by the quarterback. The down ends when they are tackled. If they outrun the defensive, wide receivers may run the ball, sometimes even completing a touchdown.