Top 5 Fantasy Football Websites

Top 5 Fantasy Football Brands

Standard Fantasy Football

The most popular fantasy football websites are competing every year for the most users. Here is a list of the current most popular fantasy websites:

  • Yahoo! Fantasy
  • CBS Sports Fantasy

Yahoo! Fantasy is the most popular fantasy website, followed by and The aspect that sets these websites apart from the competition is their easy to read overlay. Yahoo! Fantasy is very popular due to how easy it is to jump in and play. and are a little harder to read and require some more experience, but their in-depth player analysis and weekly fantasy shows make them very popular.

Once a league is started on each website, it will archive past year's data, which makes people less likely to switch.

Daily Fantasy

There are some fantasy football websites that are popular because of the ability to make money while playing. The websites listed above have aspects of cash games on their sites, but listed below are websites that prioritize this over anything else.

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel

These websites offer year-long fantasy but are known for their daily content

DraftKings and FanDuel have come under scrutiny as to whether they are gambling or not, and are therefore not always legal in every state.

  1. Yahoo!
  2. ESPN
  4. CBS Sports
  5. Fan Duel

1. Yahoo!

Yahoo was one of the first platforms to ever host free fantasy football leagues and because of this has remained one of the most popular fantasy football leagues over the years. The brand first launched its first fantasy football league in 1998 and has continued to grow. The main benefit of using this brand today is that Yahoo has real time stat tracking which means fans will not have to keep refreshing their device.

Yahoo has earned its spot as being one of the best fantasy football Websites because their platform is highly user friendly and easy to use, while still allowing fans to customize their leagues to their choosing.

Yahoo! Fantasy is the most popular fantasy website. It's very accessible to new players with in-depth tutorials for every section of the web page. It's very easy to get started on Yahoo! Fantasy and simple to get connected with others who want to play just as much as you do!

Yahoo! Fantasy also has a very simple overlay that is easy to read. Drafting, the trade block, and even the waiver wire are very easy to find and maneuver with the simple overlay that takes place over just a few screens.


ESPN is famously known as the "worldwide leader in sports" have also earned their way as one of the top Websites in fantasy football. Its platform also allows users to customize their league and experience, but is not as simply to operate as Yahoo's site is. However, ESPN brings another level of analytics to its fans by hosting podcasts, web content, and even a sports show centered solely on fantasy football.

ESPN allows for more engagement among its fans as well as a more lively league message board and customized weekly rankings that always include some lively trash talk. Fantasy is less popular due to being less accessible by new players. It's made more for experienced players of fantasy football. Because of this, the overlay can sometimes be hard to navigate if you don't know what you're looking for. The upside of this is that everything on Fantasy is very customizable. There are a multitude of different league types and custom settings that can be set that you wouldn't be able to find on any other websites.

Another plus to Fantasy is how in-depth their analysis shows and statistics pages are. Since the website is made for sports fans, the amount of statistics on the website is endless. It's possible to go back years at a time to find stats on a player who is no longer in the NFL.


The NFL has been able to capitalize on the popularity of fantasy football and is one of the biggest Websites within the industry. is the official fantasy football site of the NFL and mandates that all stadiums display fantasy stats for fans and spectators. is also a free platform that allows users to customize their league. Their app and website are very user friendly and easy to navigate as well.

The NFL will continue to promote its own platform and because of this will always have a dominant spot in fantasy football.

4. CBS Sports

CBS Sports is another top brand within the community of fantasy football, however, CBS sports is designed for more intensive fans. It costs $180 to manage a league on their platform for a season. It allows for more customization and control. Given that CBS hosts many NFL games on their networks each year, the brand has the opportunity to promote their brand as much as possible.

CBS sports is a great brand for hardcore fantasy football fans who want a customizeable and extensive experience.

5. FanDuel

FanDuel offers a fantasy experience unlike any of the other Websites on this list as it offers weekly fantasy leagues that do not share the same commitment as a full season. FanDuel fans can choose between free and cash prize leagues depending on their preference and the process of signing up is extremely easy.

FanDuel is for both veteran and new fantasy players as there are no long commitments and is currently the largest sportsbook in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia. FanDuel will continue to grow in popularity as the legalization of online gambling increases in the future years.