Fantasy Football Running Backs (RB)

fantasy Football Running Back

An RB or running back is one of the most valuable positions in fantasy football, getting the most amount of touches per game. Most NFL teams only have one primary running back, so in a league with many teams it can be hard to acquire players who will get a lot of touches. Most fantasy football leagues feature two starting running back slots, with a flex position available for an RB to be played in.


Running backs are typically ranked the highest of any position, as they are the highest scoring ball carriers at the top of the draft board. Most fantasy experts will advise picking one of the top ranked running backs in the first round of the draft. This is because there is a significant falloff in production between star running backs and backups. However, based on availability, some fantasy owners choose to draft a star wide receiver or tight end in the first rounds and wait until later rounds to draft a running back with high upside.  

Another important draft strategy in securing running back depth is handcuffing. Handcuffing is when you pick up the backup for your high profile players so that, if they happen to get injured, you will still have the starter for that team.


Running backs are given one point for every 10 yards they run and 6 points per rushing touchdown. They also receive the same denominations for receiving touchdowns and yards. Additionally, in point per reception (PPR) leagues, running backs will earn one point for every reception made, making them even more valuable. Running backs also lose two points for every fumble.


Running backs have always been extremely valuable in fantasy football. They were even more valuable in the early days of the NFL, as it had not yet become a pass-heavy league. However, even today, running backs are some of the most valuable players on any roster and in the draft.

The best season in fantasy football history is owned by running back LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006. Tomlinson scored 33 total touchdowns to go along with 2,323 all-purpose yards to accumulate a whopping 427 points in standard scoring leagues.


What round should you take a running back in fantasy football?

It is recommended by fantasy football experts that you take a running back in either the first or second round of your draft. This is because there are only a handful of star running backs in the league, and securing one of them is paramount to fantasy success. These star running backs will get the most touches on the team, typically translating to the highest number of points.

What is a running back in fantasy football?

In fantasy football, a running back is an offensive player who rushes the ball, receives the ball, and sometimes blocks for the quarterback. Running backs are incredibly versatile players and are typically the highest scoring position on a team. For this reason, top running backs are the most valuable draft picks in fantasy football and usually go during the first rounds.

What is an RB in fantasy football?

In fantasy football, RB stands for running back. This designation is used to mark players on a roster or for icons on the field. There are three subcategories of running back, including the fullback, the halfback, and the tailback. There will be typically one or two running backs on the field at a time and RB can refer to any of these subcategories.

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