Fantasy Football Most Points In A Game

Fantasy Football Most Points In A Game

Over 40 million people play fantasy football every year. The game is based on real-life football, where regular people assemble teams of players. How the players do in their actual games determines how many points they get in fantasy.

Every league’s settings are different, but this list is based on the PPR scoring format in fantasy football. Quarterbacks receive 0.04 fantasy points per passing yard, as opposed to the 0.1 points other players receive per yard. QBs also receive only four points for a passing touchdown, compared to six points for rushing or receiving touchdowns by other positions. Receivers are given one point per reception. Read on below to find out the greatest individual fantasy games ever!

Who Has Scored the Most Fantasy Points in a Single Game?

  1. Jamaal Charles, RB - 59.5 Points
  2. Tyreek Hill, WR - 57.9 Points
  3. Clinton Portis, RB - 57.4 Points
  4. Alvin Kamara, RB - 56.2 Points
  5. Ja’Marr Chase, WR - 55.6 Points
  6. Chris Johnson, RB - 55.4 Points
  7. Doug Martin, RB - 55.2 Points
  8. Joe Mixon - 55.1 Points
  9. Will Fuller, WR - 53.7 Points
  10. Jonathan Taylor, RB - 53.4 Points

The most points ever recorded by a single player occurred on December 15, 2013, in a matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders. Kansas City All-Pro running back Jamaal Charles was already a household name across the fantasy football community, but his performance in this Week 15 affair put him atop the fantasy football world. Charles recorded 215 all-purpose yards (21.5 points), five total touchdowns (30 points), and eight catches (eight points) for a total of 59.5 fantasy points.

Running Back With Most Fantasy Points

The running back that scored the most points in a game in fantasy football was Jamaal Charles, and he scored 59.5 points. Charles did this on the road against the Raiders in 2013. As a running back, Charles only rushed for 20 yards, but he picked up 195 through the air and tallied up an additional five touchdowns.

Quarterback With Most Fantasy Points

The quarterback that scored the most points in a game in fantasy football was Michael Vick, with 49.3 fantasy points. This occurred in 2010 in Week 10 on Monday Night Football, as Vick’s Eagles pummeled Washington 59-28. Vick was a dual-threat quarterback, and he rushed for 80 yards in two scores while adding over 300 yards passing and another four touchdowns.

Wide Receiver With Most Fantasy Points

The wide receiver that scored the most points in a game in fantasy football was Tyreek Hill, with 57.9 fantasy points. Hill holds the record for most fantasy points recorded by a wide receiver in a single game. He accomplished this feat against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. Tyreek set personal bests in catches (13) and yards (269) as well as tied his career high in touchdowns in a single game (three).

Tight End With Most Fantasy Points

The tight end that scored the most points in a game in fantasy football was Darren Waller, with 45.0 fantasy points. Waller finished a December game against the New York Jets with 200 receiving yards and two touchdowns to go along with 13 catches. Only six tight ends have ever scored at least 40 points in a fantasy game.

Kicker With Most Fantasy Points

The kicker that scored the most points in a game in fantasy football was Jay Feely, with 29.5 fantasy points. Feely made five-of-six field goals, along with all four of his extra points. Feely had one 50-plus yard field goal in that total and also had five rushing yards. This happened on December 12, 2010.

Defense With Most Fantasy Points

The defense/special teams that scored the most points in a game in fantasy football was the 1989 Browns, with 50.0 fantasy points in a Week One road matchup against the Steelers. In fact, the Browns are the only defense to ever score at least 50 points in a single game. They did this by allowing no points, about 50 yards of offense, eight takeaways, three defensive touchdowns, and six sacks.


Which NFL player has scored the most fantasy points?

Jamaal Charles scored the most fantasy points in a single game, with 59.5 points at Oakland in 2013. Charles finished as the number-one running back in fantasy football that season with 308 points. The Kansas City running back was named first-team All-Pro for the second time in his career that season.

How many times has a player scored 50 fantasy points?

There have been only 18 performances in NFL history in which someone got over 50 fantasy points in a single game. The first of these came from Clinton Portis in 2003, when he had 254 total yards and five touchdowns for 57.4 fantasy points. In fact, Portis was the record-holder for 10 years before Jamaal Charles’ 2013 game. Portis now sits third all-time, as then-Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill surpassed him with 57.9 fantasy points in 2020.

There have been three instances in which at least two different players recorded 50-plus point games in the same season: 2007 (Kevin Curtis and Calvin Johnson), 2009 (Chris Johnson and Brandon Marshall), and 2020 (Tyreek Hill, Alvin Kamara, and Tyler Lockett). No player has reached the 50-point plateau more than once.

Who scored the most fantasy points in 2021?

The most points someone recorded in 2021 came from Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts (53.4), who gained over 200 all-purpose yards and scored five touchdowns in a Week 11 victory against the Buffalo Bills.