List of Fantasy Football Statistics

List of Fantasy Football Statistics

Believe it or not, Fantasy Football was created in 1962, by Bill Winkenbach, a minority stake holder for the Oakland Raiders, but was not introduced online until 1997. Since then, Fantasy Football has erupted between friends, family, and football fanatics and is a huge part of every NFL Sunday.

  • Passing Yards
  • Passing Touchdowns
  • Rushing Yards
  • Rushing Touchdowns
  • Point Per Reception
  • Receiving Touchdowns
  • Defensive Start
  • Interceptions (Thrown)
  • Fumbles (Lost)
  • Safety
  • Defensive/Special Teams Touchdown
  • Defensive Sacks
  • Points Allowed
  • Kicking/Extra Points

Passing Yards

When a player throws a forward pass down, that constitutes as passing yards. For every 25 passing yards a player is awarded 1 fantasy point. Some leagues institute a bonus for achieving over 300, 400, and 500 yards, however that depends on the league commissioner. The most passing yards achieved in an NFL game was 554, by Norm Van Brocklin which would be awarded with 22 fantasy points.

Passing Touchdowns

A passing touchdown is when a player throws a forward pass to a player that results in a touchdown. A passing score is worth 4 fantasy points. The most touchdowns thrown by a player has been 7, with quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Nick Foles being tied for the record which resulted in 28 fantasy points.

Rushing Yards

Rushing yards occur with a handoff or backwards lateral is performed. For every 10 rushing yards, it results in 1 fantasy point. Much like passing yards, depending on the league, you can receive point bonuses for ecsliping 100 or 200 yards. The most rushing yards by a single player in one game is Adrian Peterson, who totaled 296 yards which resulted in 29 fantasy points.

Rushing Touchdowns

A rushing touchdown is where a handoff or a backwards lateral results in a player crossing the goal line. Rushing touchdowns are great because either a quarterback, running back, or wide receiver has opportunities to get one. This play is awarded with 6 points. The most rushing touchdowns in a game was five, which is held by multiple players such as Jim Brown and Clinton Portis which resulted in 30 fantasy points.

Receiving Yards

Receiving yards are yards gained after a forward pass. Wide receivers are extremely valuable in fantasy football, given the way the league has valued passing over the last decade. For every ten receiving yards a player is awarded one point. Once again, depending on the league players can be awarded with bonuses for achieving 100, 200, and 300 yards. The most receiving yards in a game is 336, held by Flipper Anderson, which resulted in 33 fantasy points.

Point Per Reception

The PPR rule is a somewhat new phenomenon in fantasy football. In a PPR league, every reception from a player is one point. This is a huge boost for some pass catching players. The most receptions in a single game is held by Brandon Marshall with 21, which resulted in 21 fantasy points.

Receiving Touchdowns

Receiving touchdowns is when a player catches a forward pass and crosses the goal line. These plays are awarded with 6 fantasy points, which is a very high value given the fact this is a very common play in football. The most receiving touchdowns in one game is 5, by players Jerry Rice, Kellen Winslow, and Bob Shaw. This resulted in 30 fantasy points.

Defensive Start

No matter what, any defense/special teams unit starts the game with 10 fantasy points. There are plenty of ways for a defense to earn fantasy points such as fumble recoveries, interceptions, defensive touchdowns, and sacks. The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers are credited with the highest amount of fantasy points scored by a defense, with a whopping 52 fantasy points.

Interceptions (thrown)

If a player throws an interception, which is when the defense intercepts the ball from the offense, it results in -2 fantasy points. This could be a real factor in close games with your opponents. The most interceptions thrown by a player was 8, by Jim Hardy, which resulted in -16 fantasy points.

Fumbles (Lost)

A lost fumble is where an offensive player loses control of the ball, and the defense recovers the ball. Fumbles are a nuisance in fantasy football, especially to running backs and results in -2 fantasy points. The most fumbles in an NFL game is by Brett Favre with 6, which resulted in -12 fantasy points.


A safety is when the defense tackles their opponent in their own endzone. This is a crucial two point increase for a defense, yet is one of the rarest plays. The most safeties in a game was by the Greenbay Packers with 2 safeties, resulting in 4 fantasy points.

Defensive/Special Team Touchdown

A defensive touchdown is when a player intercepts a pass or recovers a fumble and returns it across the goaline for a touchdown. A special teams touchdown is either a returned kick, punt or blocked kick or punt for a touchdown that is worth 6 fantasy points. The most defensive/special team touchdowns scored in one game was four by the Kansas City Chiefs, which resulted in 24 fantasy points.

Defensive Sacks

A sack is when a defensive player tackles the quarterback on a passing play behind the line of scrimmage. A defensive sack is a huge swing of momentum in a game, and is awarded with 1 point per sack. The most sacks in one game was the Philadelphia Eagles with 14, resulting in 14 fantasy points.

Points Allowed

Points being allowed is a big bonus for good defenses. The point system goes as follow; 0 points allowed = 10 fantasy points, 1-6 points allowed= 7 fantasy points, 7-13 points allowed= 4 points, 14-20 points allowed=1 point, 21-27 points allowed=0 points, 28-34 points= -1 point, 35+ points allowed= -4 points. A good defense can go a long way for your fantasy team.

Kicking/Extra Points

Kickers have the potential to make or break your fantasy team. Successful extra points, where a kicker kicks following a touchdown is worth 1 fantasy point. A field goal, when a kicker attempts to strike the ball through the uprights, from 0-49 yards is worth 3 fantasy points while 50+ yard field goals are worth 5 fantasy points. On the contrary, a missed field goal or extra points results in -1 fantasy points. Most fantasy points from a kicker was the late Rob Bironas, who went a perfect 8-8 and received 28 fantasy points.

Best Fantasy Football Performances


Michael Vick, 333 Pass Yards, 4 Passing Touchdowns, 80 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing Touchdowns- 49 fantasy points.

Running Back

Clinton Portis, 218 rushing yards, 5 rushing touchdowns, 36 receiving yards.- 55 fantasy points.

Wide Receiver

Jerry Rice, 13 receptions, 225 receiving yards, 5 receiving touchdowns.- 52 fantasy points.

Tight End

Kellen Winslow, 13 receptions, 144 receiving yards, 5 receiving touchdowns.- 44 fantasy points.


Rob Bironas, 8-8 field goals- 28 fantasy points.