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Many games have appeared over the last ten years that have had success in esports. Very few games have come about that have even rivaled the popularity and success of Overwatch, a first-person shooter (FPS). In only a few short years, Overwatch has changed the landscape of the esports community.

There are many different game modes that can be played in Overwatch. However, almost all involve two teams. In one popular gamemode, a team on offense must attempt to capture a specific checkpoint on the map while a team on defense attempts to hold off the attackers. Another popular and more traditional gamemode is that of team deathmatch, where two teams try to best each other in number of kills.

In the game's story, there exists heroes, villains, and scientists, however in the competitive mode these classifications are modified slightly. Some characters are better at offensive play, while others succeed at defensive play. There are also "tank" characters, characters that can be strong in both attack and defense. There are also healers and other support characters that give health to wounded gamers and boosts to help offense and/or defense.

As the game has progressed, the meta has changed. New characters and constant updates are constantly changing the meta of the game, and as the game continues to find success in esports, more updates are sure to come. With Overwatch 2 in production, the franchise itself is set to grow.