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League Of Legends

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What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is the most popular e-Sport. The abbreviation LoL is often used for "League of Legends". It also has the biggest revenue of any e-Sport, which is mainly driven by in-game microtransactions. The game was created in 2009 by Riot Games. Riot Games is a company which specializes in creating e-Sports games. They also host tournaments for e-Sports.

The game centers around competing in matches, which are approximately 40 minutes long. During each match, players work with teammates to complete an objective. The other team is trying to prevent that objective, which is most commonly destroying a base or a tower.

Players control troops called champions during gameplay. These champions can be upgraded and level up as a player gains more experience.

There are three maps that players can play on. League of Legends calls the maps Fields of Justice. The first Field of Justice is Summoner's Rift. This map is the most used, and most well-liked. Another Field of Justice is called Twisted Treeline. This map has similar gameplay to Summoner's Rift, but is less popular. The final Field of Justice is Howling Abyss, which has very different gameplay from the other three maps due to its layout. There also used to be a fourth Field of Justice named Crystal Star, but it was removed from the game in 2016.

The League of Legends World Championships, hosted annually by Riot Games, is a 24-team tournament with millions of dollars in prize money. The tournament consists of two portions: the round robin and the bracket stage. The round robin play determines matchups for the bracket, which is a single-elimination tournament.

The location of the World Championships changes each year. In 2018, the World Championships were in South Korea. In 2019, Worlds will take place in Paris, France. The first ever World Championships took place in Denmark in 2011.


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