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What is equestrian?

The history of equestrian goes back almost as far as time goes back. Horses were ridden and used as early as 5000 BC across society including in war and everyday life. The beginning of riding horses and the idea of equestrian as a sport begins around the time that it was included in the Olympics in 1900. It has been included in the Games almost every Olympics since then across three disciplines: dressage, jumping, and cross country. These three events are all very different which makes the difficulty for a rider and horse to compete at the highest level in all almost impossible. There are only two participants in equestrian: the horse and the rider. The combination of the two of these individuals is judged across the three events to find the best riders in each discipline as well as an overall winner.

In the discipline of dressage, a rider and horse are judged on accuracy of movement and the precision of the routine that the rider has created.

The discipline of jumping is the most exciting to the common fan as the horse and rider must jump over 10-20 obstacles in a ring at the fastest pace possible.

The final discipline of cross country is also quite exciting although difficult to watch in person as the horse will come and go quickly past where the spectator is standing.

All in all, the sport of equestrian is rooted in world history and the modern disciplines that have emerged are still very popular today in the Olympic Games and beyond.