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Equestrian, also commonly called horseback riding, is the skill of riding a horse. The current Olympic equestrian events are dressage, show jumping, and eventing. Other events recognized by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports are combined driving, endurance, reining, and vaulting.

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How many equestrian sports are there?

In the Olympics there are three equestrian events while the international governing body the FEI recognizes seven.

What are the equestrian events?

The events sanctioned by the FEI are dressage, show jumping, eventing, combined driving, endurance, reigning, and vaulting.

Is Equestrian an expensive sport?

Horseback riding is considered an expensive sport due to the amount of specialized clothing and equipment that riders need to purchase. Lessons are also very expensive, the average cost ranging from $45 to $80 for an hour lesson depending on location. Horse tack and boarding is also very expensive.

Is Equestrian an Olympic sport?

Yes. Equestrian sports have been included in the Olympics consistently since the 1912 Stockholm Summer games.

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