Equestrian Dressage

What is Equestrian Dressage? How does Equestrian Dressage work? Get ready to learn about Equestrian Dressage and discover how to be a fan, player, or coach. Start your journey to understanding Equestrian Dressage here.

What is equestrian dressage?

Equestrian Dressage is one of the two most popular equestrian events on the world stage along with jumping. Dressage is a test of a horse and rider training to create the most fluid run of movements and skills possible. Degree of difficulty and execution of each movement create a score assigned to each horse and rider for the dressage test they just performed. Scores for each movement range from zero to ten with ten being excellent, five being sufficient, and zero meaning it was not performed correctly. Some of the skills that are each dressage tests include working trot, working canter, free walk, and circling the arena precisely. There are many levels to dressage tests as well that suit all horses and riders and each skill level that they are currently at.


Dressage is rooted far back in history originating back in ancient times with the earliest modern roots being in the sixteenth century. It was first introduced into the global stage as an Olympic sport in the 1912 games however it was only for military officers to compete in until 1952. Dressage is the fastest growing equestrian event in the Olympics and one of the best to watch each time the games come. The combination of excellence shown by the horses in the event of dressage plus the music incorporated into tests creates great popularity. The most technically sound and fluid horses achieve the greatest honors in the sport and excite fans around the world.

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