List of Dodgeball Skills

List of Dodgeball Skills

Dodgeball is an intensely competitive and high-octane team sport. It involves two teams of players throwing balls at opposing players to eliminate them. Players try to avoid balls thrown at them by either catching or dodging the ball. The team that successfully eliminates all opposing players on another team wins. Here are a few skills that will help your team win.

List of Dodgeball Skills

  • Dodging
  • Catching
  • Throwing
  • Deflecting
  • Team Coordination
  • Countering
  • Awareness
  • Composure


As implied by the name, one of the most important skills to learn when playing dodgeball is dodging. While you can duck to avoid balls being thrown at you, it’s also a good idea to jump because most players will aim for your lower body. A major tip for dodging is to avoid standing behind any of your teammates; this helps you see balls being thrown at you. You also want to ensure that you have an idea of where you are on the court so that you don’t go out of bounds while dodging.


Catching is an essential key to winning in dodgeball. You should dodge and avoid catching the ball if it isn’t directly thrown at you. It’s always best to catch the ball with your hands instead of catching it with your fingertips, as it helps ensure you have a solid grip on the ball when it’s thrown at you. If you have a ball, you can use it to deflect one that was thrown at you upwards, making it easier to catch.


The biggest factor for playing offensively in dodgeball is throwing the ball. Make sure you pay close attention to where you throw the ball to avoid having your throw caught by the other team. Aiming at your opponent’s lower body or feet decreases the chances of the ball being deflected or caught. Most people choose to grip the ball in between their thumb and first two fingers, but you should use whatever grip feels most comfortable. 


Deflection is a crucial part of dodgeball strategy. This is an important defensive option to practice. If you can’t catch the ball, or there’s a large chance you think you will be hit by it and can’t dodge, you can always deflect or block your opponent’s throw with a ball.

Team Coordination

Teamwork can drastically improve your chances of winning in dodgeball. Strategize with teammates to decide the perfect time to throw your ball and the best time for offensive counters or defensive retreats. Teammates also may need to communicate in order to redistribute balls, such as when one player is left empty-handed while another has multiple balls.


Countering situations is a constant theme when playing dodgeball. When countering, try looking for any distracted or unprepared opposing players. Faking a throw can help confuse and distract one if there aren’t any. You can also help your teammates by gathering the balls thrown at you to make a full counter at the opposing team.


Whether playing defense or offense, a strong awareness and vision of your surroundings are critical in dodgeball. Make sure that while you stay in motion, you retain an idea of where the opposing players are in case you need to dodge, deflect, or catch a thrown ball.


It’s easy to forget to stay composed during a fast-paced game like dodgeball, but not being able to make effective and smart decisions based on the situation puts your team at a disadvantage. If you’re ever confused or don’t know what to do, don’t immediately throw the ball at an opponent. This mainly applies if your team has more eliminations than your opponents. Simply throwing the ball at another player in desperation increases your chances of it being caught, so stay calm. Remember to talk to your teammates, and don’t be afraid to ask them for guidance.


What basic skills does dodgeball require?

The three basic skills needed to play dodgeball are throwing, catching, and dodging. Dodging is the skill most unique to dodgeball, so make sure to focus on that if you are working on your dodgeball game. Throwing and catching are fairly universal skills that can be strengthened by playing almost any sport which features a ball.

What is the most important skill in dodgeball?

Throwing is the most important skill in dodgeball, because it most directly contributes to a player’s ability to score points and win the game. However, dodging is nearly as important as throwing. In fact, the combination of throwing and dodging skills determines most of a dodgeball player’s scoring potential. Throwing is also crucial to a good defense, as a good thrower can block an opponent’s shot with a well-aimed throw.

How do you improve your dodgeball skills?

Dodgeball, like most sports, is a game you can improve at through practice. Practice makes perfect, and the best way to improve your dodgeball skills is to practice throwing, dodging, and working with your teammates. Some drills and practices you can use to improve specific skills in dodgeball include practicing cross-court shots, aiming low, catching, and blocking thrown balls with the dodgeball.