How Does Scoring Work In Dodgeball?

How Does Scoring Work In Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a simple, but well-loved pastime, played commonly in playgrounds and gym classes. In this game, two teams compete to eliminate one another’s players while avoiding being eliminated themselves. Scoring in dodgeball is a bit different than most games and sports, as points are not awarded to either team. This article explains how the game of dodgeball is played and won, without a single “point” ever being scored.

Objective of the Game

Dodgeball is a relatively simple game, however players must know that instead of competing for points, as is the case in most sports, dodgeball is a game of elimination. There are no feats in the game of dodgeball that result in points being awarded to a team, rather two opposing dodgeball teams compete to be the first team to eliminate all of the other team’s players.

Dodgeball Scoring

Since dodgeball doesn’t involve scoring actual points, the closest thing to “scoring” in the game is eliminating a player from the other team. Rules regarding eliminations are simple. First, a player is eliminated when they are hit with a live ball. A live ball is defined as a thrown ball that has not yet made contact with the ground.

Secondly, players may also be eliminated if they toss the dodgeball and an opposing player catches their throw. Dodgeball courts also feature out of bounds lines, and if a player crosses these lines, they will also be eliminated.

Some dodgeball games also follow a rule which states that when a player is eliminated by the opposing team catching their throw, one of the catching player’s previously eliminated teammates can come back into the game. This allows teams to undo their opponents’ scoring by catching thrown balls.

No Head Shots

Typically, intentional head shots are prohibited in dodgeball games, and these represent the easiest way to undo “scoring a point” in dodgeball. Some game leaders will even eliminate a player for intentionally tossing at the opposing teams heads. Even though the balls are soft, this rule is in place to protect players from receiving any injuries.

Specifically, to be counted out, the player must be hit below the shoulders in most games. Sometimes, when a ball comes towards a player, they will duck in hopes of intentionally hitting their own head on the ball and remaining in the game. However, the player attempting this strategy will still be ruled out in most games.

Dodgeball Equipment

Dodgeball Equipment

Very little equipment is needed to play dodgeball, but a large enough amount of space to run around, throw, and play safely is always required. Other equipment used includes an undefined amount of balls, (however many are agreed upon before the start of the game), that are soft enough not to hurt players when they are thrown. A dodgeball court should have clearly outlined in and out-of-bounds areas, so no disputes arise between players and so there is a proper place for eliminated players to stand once they leave the game.


How do you score points in dodgeball?

There is no way to score points in a typical dodgeball game. Instead, the goal is to eliminate players from the opposing team. Players can be eliminated in one of two ways. Either the player is hit below the shoulders by a throw from the other team, or, a ball that a player has thrown can be caught by the other team. If a player attempts to catch a ball thrown at them and drops it, they will be ruled out. Whichever team has the “last man standing” will be declared the winner of the dodgeball game.