What is dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a competition between two teams consisting of 3-6 players each. One of the fastest growing sports in the United States and the United Kingdom, dodgeball is simple to learn and requires only a playing surface and several foam balls. In addition to being a fast-paced game that is fun for all ages, dodgeball can be enjoyed by players with mixed abilities. It's easy for everyone to get involved in playing dodgeball whether you are a beginner or expert.

Playing Surface

Standard dodgeball courts are fairly simple by design. Often indoor courts, they consist of a sideline (boundary that cannot be crossed by eliminated players), midline (separates each team's side of the court), dead zone (area where players can retrieve balls without being eliminated by the other team) and walls at each end. The dimensions of the court ensure that the game is played fairly and each team has a relatively equal chance at winning.

Objectives and Scoring

In order to win a game of dodgeball, one team must eliminate all of the opposing team's players. There are two ways to eliminate an opposing player, either by catching a ball thrown at you or hitting the opponent with a ball below the shoulders. If at any time a player is hit above the shoulder area with a ball, the player who threw the ball is out. The game starts with all of the balls placed in a line at the middle of the court.

Rules and Regulations

Once the whistle is blown signifying the start of the game, each team is permitted to make a mad dash for the center of the court and try to knock as many balls as they can to their side of the court. There is a five second grace period in place during this "opening rush," after which players can begin throwing the dodgeballs they have gathered.


While there are penalties to be conscious of such as holding the ball too long or stepping over one of the boundary lines, dodgeball is easy to get the hang of overall. It is a great sport for those looking to be part of a team and obtain a great cardiovascular workout.

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