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How high is the platform in Olympic diving?

Currently, the highest dive in the Olympic games is the 10-meter platform.

The 10-Meter Platform

In this event, divers jump and perform acrobatics from a stable platform that is 10 meters, about 32 feet, above the pool. The 10-meter platform was introduced into the Olympic program for men in 1904, and for women in 1912.

At the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, David Boudia of the United States won the event on the men's side, and Chen Ruolin of China won the women's 10-meter platform.

Olympic High Diving History

From 1912 until 1924, the 10-meter platform in the Olympics was called "fancy high diving," and a separate event called "plain high diving" was also contested. In plain high diving, the diver would leap from a 10-meter platform, but would not perform any tricks while in the air. The goal of plain high diving was to create as little splash as possible when hitting the water.

Plain high diving was considered too boring after the 1924 Olympics, so it was replaced with the 3 meter springboard, in which divers would perform tricks in the air. Fancy high diving became the only 10-meter platform event in the Olympics from that point onwards.

Synchronized Diving

Starting in 2000, synchronized diving was added to the Olympic Games. Instead of just one person jumping from a springboard or platform, teams of two do so together, performing the same acrobatics while in the air. The 10-meter synchronized platform is the highest synchronized dive in the Olympics for both men and women.