Disc Dog

disc dog

About Disc Dog

  • Invented: Official competition began in October 2019, but its roots date back to the 1970’s
  • Founded By: Jack and Kat Fahle (UpDog Challenge)
  • Highest Governing Body: American Kennel Club (AKC)

Disc dog is a great game for people and their dogs to play together. Dogs of all sizes and breeds can be great at disc dog, as long as they know how to fetch. The dog lovers at UpDog Challenge created seven different games with just a dog and a frisbee/disc and three additional games that include agility challenges. Some games are based on how quickly catches can be made, others test how much distance the dog can cover on a catch, and some are even about making catches in marked-off zones. The game is designed with a tier system to ensure every person and their dog can play if they desire to, as an inclusive environment is one of the keys to a great game of disc dog. In recent years, competitions have been judged by the American Kennel Club, with an AKC disc dog title being awarded to the top dog. 


What is disc dog?

Disc dog is a collection of games created to provide competition and fun for dogs and their owners. Many dogs love to chase and catch frisbees or discs; disc dog gives them the chance to work with their humans to show off their skills and compete against other dogs. The games are designed to allow all dogs to compete and have fun, regardless of their age, size, breed, and skill level. However, some people and their dogs take disc dog to the next level and compete for national titles judged by the AKC.

What equipment do you need for disc dog?

As the name might suggest, the only equipment you need to play disc dog is a disc and your canine companion. UpDog allows both hard discs and floppy discs to cater to the preferences of all dogs. This inclusivity and ease of participation is part of the appeal of the game and part of the mission of its creators. Making the game accessible and fun for everyone is critical and, therefore, not much is required to play. However, if you want to do the three agility-based games, some obstacles are required, such as a tunnel or bar to jump over.

What types of dog breeds are best at disc dog?

One of the most famous disc dog players ever was a Whippet named Ashley. Back in the 1970’s Ashley performed at the White House and the Super Bowl, showing off her amazing catching and fetching abilities. However, UpDog insists that all dogs can be great at disc dog, regardless of size or breed. As long as they know how to catch and fetch, any dog can succeed and, even if they don’t, they can still have fun.