Darts Equipment List

Darts Equipment List

The sport of darts is a game that requires acute concentration and skill with one’s hand and wrist. To be successful in this sport, players must be able to perform while under pressure. In order to play this sport, players will also need to have equipment such as a dart board and darts, among other things.

Darts Equipment

Darts Equipment

The sport of darts requires two main pieces of equipment. Players need darts to throw at a dartboard. This list includes the various types of darts and dartboards that players can use. In terms of darts, players can choose from various dart tips, shafts, and flights. The variations in darts have a great influence on the speed and movements of the darts when they are thrown. Players can also choose from dartboards of different sizes and designs. In addition, players need equipment such as a floor marker, shoes, scoreboard, and a writing utensil to keep track of scores. In order to play a successful game of darts, all of these pieces of equipment are necessary.  

Brass Darts

This is the most common kind of throwing dart used by players. Although brass darts are fairly inexpensive, they are still easy to handle and use. Unfortunately, the grip on this dart can easily become dull. Nonetheless, this dart is commonly used in bars and taverns due to its low cost and accessibility.

Composite Shafts

This is a type of dart shaft that helps connect the actual pointy part of a dart and the flight. Specifically, a composite shaft has a plastic base that threads into the dart and an aluminium top that attaches to the flight. This is considered a durable shaft option for players to use. 

Electronic Dartboard

This is a type of dartboard that keeps track of scores automatically. When darts hit certain sections of the board, scores are added up and kept track of electronically. This dartboard has audible capabilities as well.

Floor Marker

This piece of equipment can be made from almost any material, though it is most commonly made from tape. The floor marker is put on the ground to mark the throwing distance for players. This means that players must stand behind this marker when throwing darts at the dartboard. The throwing distance when playing with a soft tip dart is eight feet.  

Hard Flights

This is a type of flight made of a stiff polyester plastic. It’s very difficult for hard flights to tear. Hard flights easily come off the shaft when hitting another dart and are often preferred because they are less likely to create a defection off of the dartboard.   

Ipswich Board

The Ipswich Board is a specific type of dartboard that players may use to play a specific game of darts. There are only numbers divisible by 5 on the board, instead of the typical array of numbers. In order to win on this board, players must reach a score of 51 without going over. 

Irish Black Dartboard

The Irish Black Dartboard is a type of dartboard that is very similar to the Yorkshire dartboard. They are both the same size and have the same arrangement of numbers on the board itself. However, the Irish Black dartboard has a completely black playing surface. This board has a diameter of thirteen and one fourth inches.   

Lincoln Board

A type of dartboard that differs slightly from the standard dartboard. This dartboard doesn’t have the outer bull that awards players twenty-five points. In addition, it is missing trebles, which are the smaller circle sections that surround the board. This dartboard is completely black, similar to the Irish Black dartboard.

Manchester Log-end Dartboard


This type of dartboard is defined by its rearrangement of numbers and smaller size. The order of the numbers is completely different compared to the standard dartboard. In addition, the board only has a diameter of ten inches. This board is fairly uncommon to be used for play.

Nickel/Silver Darts

Nickel/Silver Darts are another kind of dart that is fairly dense but still relatively inexpensive. These darts are more durable than brass darts. Although it is stated in the name, there is no trace of silver in the nickel/silver dart. Beginner dart throwers often look to this dart as a low cost, but still reliable option. 

Nylon Flights

Nylon flights are the most durable type of flights for dart throwers to use. In terms of stiffness, this specific flight is roughly in between the soft and hard flight. These flights are very difficult to tear. A nylon dart flight is often made from polycarbonate or ripstop nylon fabric. 

Plastic Shafts

Plastic shafts are the least expensive shafts for darts players to use. However, these shafts can break easily and are very cheaply made. Recreational and entry-level players will often use this kind of shaft. This shaft can come in various sizes and is made of polycarbonate or nylon. This shaft is easily replaceable.


In order to play dart games, players need to keep track of points that they score on the dartboard. Scoring can become very difficult and complicated when keeping track of points in your head. In order to avoid confusion, players use a scoreboard to keep track of their total points.


In order to have strong traction on the ground, players need to wear durable and sturdy shoes. Players are able to have greater accuracy with their dart throws when they have a steady stance. Players can choose from a wide range of shoes when playing darts, but sneakers are the most commonly worn shoe among professionals.

Soft Flights

This kind of flight is often desired by players because of its ability to flex out of the way when hitting another dart. This means that the dart is more likely to attach itself against the dartboard. In addition, the adhesive of the soft flight allows the flight to be fixed if it is torn. 

Spiral Flights

This type of flight rotates when the dart is tossed by a player. This movement is supposed to increase the stability of the dart. Unfortunately, the wider surface area of this flight makes it more likely for other darts to deflect off of it when hitting the dartboard. Darts with these flights are not used by serious players. 

Standard Dartboard

This is the most common dartboard used by players. It has a diameter of eighteen inches with twenty numbered sections around the board. This board has an exterior and interior ring section as well. There is also a bull’s-eye in the center of the board with outer and inner bulls. 

Tape Measurer

A tape measurer is an essential piece of equipment because players can only throw darts from behind a certain, regulated distance. When players use steel tip darts, they must measure out seven feet and nine and one fourth inches for the throwing line. When players use soft tip darts, they must measure out eight feet for the throwing line.

Tungsten Darts

Although fairly expensive, the tungsten dart is one of the best types of darts to use. Tungsten is a rare metal that is dense and heavy. Due to its density, these kinds of darts are thinner than brass and copper darts. In addition, these darts have more durability than other darts and are often used by more serious darts players.

Writing Utensil

In the game of darts, the score of each player is constantly changing. It is essential to have a writing utensil in order to keep track of scoring. It is fairly common for players to use a piece of chalk to write on a chalk scoreboard. However, players may use other writing utensils such as a pen or pencil.

Yorkshire Board

The Yorkshire Board is an adaptation of the standard dartboard. It is named after where it originated from, in Yorkshire, England. It is very similar to a standard dartboard except there is no interior ring section. In addition, there is no outer bull’s-eye for players to hit. The bull’s-eye itself is also smaller than the standard bull’s-eye.