What Is The Best Age To Start Dance?

What Is The Best Age To Start Dance

Dance is an exciting and artistic activity for all ages. Dance requires practice but can also foster community for young kids and teens. If you are considering when to introduce dance into your child’s life, here are a few different options for which age is best to get started.

Defining Goals

Before you introduce your child to a new sport, it’s important to discuss what goals you have for your child. Is your child naturally interested in sports? Would you like to have a long-term plan for them to pursue sports? You may also want to find a fun activity for your child to meet other children and enjoy a hobby. Sports can often increase socialization for your child. Whichever route you may lean towards, this could impact what age you introduce your child to dance. Take into consideration what your and your child’s goals are before signing up.

Ages 3-5

Dance is an artistic and disciplined sport, but can work well with the playful energy of a young child. Classes for dance can start as early as three years old. It may be better to begin with a fun, energetic type of dance that is not too rigorous for your young child. Practicing certain movements or copying a dance video at home can help show your child basic moves. Your child could also start by learning the different types of dances and cultures that have dances. Show your kids a video of a dancer and mimic a dance move.

Ages 6-11

Ages six to 11 is a great time to introduce your child to the different styles of dance. For example, If you find out your child likes ballet, then you can plan for ballet to be their focus. This age range is perfect for enrolling your child in classes with the intention of dancing at a college level once they are older. Dance also helps children with their energy levels, mindfulness, and socialization. To test if they would enjoy dance, see if your child enjoys practicing a dance move to their favorite song. If they do, you can sign them up for a group class.

Ages 12 and Up

Older children are better able to understand the competitive and rigorous nature of dancing. At this age, dance may come naturally to kids or they might need a bit of practice. Either way, there is an immense benefit of fun and socialization in dance. The competitive nature of dance may increase as kids grow older, but there’s still room for dance to be a casual hobby. If your child intends to dance in college or professionally, now is the time to enroll them in a serious dance school. Some schools may offer a dance team, or dance studios will create teams with children from different schools in the area. Your child will have fun and be able to showcase their talent to an audience.

For Future College Athletes

Many dancers continue their studies into college, especially if they start dancing at a young age. It is recommended that your child begin dancing at seven to nine years of age if they would like to go to college for dance. Most dance academies begin lessons after the age of six. Often, college dancers are dance majors or minors. College students can also be given dance scholarships up to the full tuition in order to study and continue their art. There are many performing arts colleges that offer dance programs. Students may also join dance clubs that practice styles ranging from cultural dances to hip-hop to ballet. College dance clubs focus more on the social aspect of dance and signing up is a fairly easy process.

For Future Professional Athletes

Professional dancers often come from a long background of dancing. If becoming a professional dancer is important to your child, it’s important to get them involved with dance as soon as possible. Dance involves focus, precision, and rhythm. To become a trained dancer, your child must have a deep interest in and commitment to the art of dance.

There are different avenues for professional dancers. Professional dancing could include background dancing for movies and performance artists. Dancers could also be a part of major theatrical productions. Show them professional dancers for inspiration.

Safety Concerns

Dance can be a safe sport, but there are still minor safety risks to stay aware of. Children participating in dance could potentially have injuries related to running, exhaustion, stress, and ankle sprains. Making sure that your child is not overworked while dancing is an important step to curb the risk of a foot injury. Carry water and snacks with you, and check that your child is not stressed. Care for your child, and ask them if they feel any pain or discomfort while dancing. A sole insert can also help cushion your child’s feet before and after dancing.


How do I get my kid started with dance?

To get your child started in dance, practice dancing with them. Next, look for dance studios near you on the internet to find a studio you are comfortable with. If your child enjoys dancing at home, take them to a dance studio to see other children dancing. Sign your child up for dance lessons, and see how they enjoy the environment. You may need some equipment such as hairpieces, dance leotards, and pointe shoes.

How old should my child be to dance?

Dance is a sport for all ages to take part in. Children can start dancing as long as they are able to communicate their needs and are able to practice basic dance moves. If your child is too young for dance lessons, a great way to begin is by practicing simple dance moves at home. If you feel your child could use the socialization aspect of dance, consider taking them to a class with other children.

Can I teach my child dance?

You can teach your child basic moves of dance and how to keep rhythm. Try playing a song for your child and show them a simple dance move to go along with the beat of the song. If you have a background in dance, you can coach your child further. If you want your child to learn at a more advanced level, consider taking them to a dance studio. Dance studios offer classes on technique.

How do I pick a dance coach for my child?

The first step in picking a dance coach is determining the style of dance your child prefers. Then, search online reviews for a highly-rated instructor that practices that style. Find a nearby dance studio and meet the dance coaches in person. Try to find a coach that fits your child’s needs and set up an appointment for their first lesson.