List of Dance Skills

List of Dance Skills

To be able to be a good dancer, you must be focused on learning the correct skills. This list will display the necessary techniques for the average dancer. It is up to you to take these skills and master them so that you can be a great dancer wherever you go.

List of Dance Skills

  • Posture
  • Alignment
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Extension
  • Isolation


Good posture is important in dance because it provides you with a strong base to build the rest of the skills onto. A good posture is the correct formation of the body where your bones and muscles can hold you upright against gravity.


Alignment focuses more on the placement of your body, not so much the way you are standing. This skill is especially important if you are dancing with a group of people, since you want to be in the right place in order to stay in sync with the choreographed routine.


This skill is important because it helps you achieve elaborate moves while dancing. Keeping your balance will help you stay upright while performing, allowing you to avoid a slip and falling down. Good balance can also help you expand the types of moves you can execute.


Being coordinated in dance is one of the most important skills. You can either be coordinated while dancing alone or in a group. By yourself, coordination refers to knowing where your body should be and when. Having good coordination will help your moves look smooth to the audience. In a group setting, coordination is essentially being in sync with the other dancers, making the performance look fluid.


Having good control will make you a solid dancer. This is when you are able to start and stop performing on command. This also applies while standing still during a performance, it is important to control your stance so that you do not appear to be moving.


This skill is nice to have in dance because you will be able to perform almost any move. The term flexibility means the range of motion that is available to you through your joints. If you are flexible, it will be easy for you to do things like splits.


Similar to flexibility, mobility is important because you will be able to transition from move to move very quickly without much struggle. Quickness is often a term that goes hand in hand with mobility.


Good dancers possess a lot of strength mainly in their legs and arms. This allows them to push off the floor elegantly and execute moves without struggle.


This is very important especially if you compete in dance tournaments or long routines. Stamina is the amount of energy that you can expend during an activity. Having a lot of stamina will keep you in shape during the routine and keep you from being sloppy.


Often used in ballet, extension refers to the ability for one to raise their leg up to their head. Extension is used in many other moves in the world of dance. Being able to extend will do you well when it comes to learning how to dance.


Another vitally important skill to dancing is being able to isolate. Isolation refers to moving only one part of your body while keeping everything else still. This will give you rhythm and wow the audience.