How Does Cycling Betting Work?

How Does Cycling Betting Work

Cycling is a very physically demanding and popular sport, garnering attention to place bets on the winners of these races. More and more betting companies have been giving cyclist fans the opportunity to place a bet on legal, reputable sites. Most cycling bettors bet on an individual or a team that will cross the finish line first and win the race; this is called a fixed bet. The other method that bettors wage their money is through betting exchanges.

Fixed Bets

A fixed bet is the more common form of betting for this sport. A fixed bet is a set number associated with the individual or a team, demonstrating the probability the individual or team will win, and is referred to as the odds. The lower the number, the greater the probability that the individual or team will win. The higher the number is, the less likely it is that the individual or team will win. However, if someone decides to place a bet on a cyclist that has large odds against them and that cyclist wins, then the bettor will be receiving significantly more money than someone who placed the same bet on the favorited cyclist. Although this is called a fixed bet, the bookmaker, can adjust the odds, giving the individual or team a greater or lesser probability.

Betting Exchanges

Another way to place bets on cycling competitions is to go through a betting exchange. A betting exchange is not made by a bookmaker, but by other bettors with the same format as a fixed bet. The biggest difference between betting exchanges and a fixed bet is that a bettor can lay a bet. Laying a bet means that a bet has been made. In a fixed bet with bookmakers, the money a bettor places includes a small amount that goes to the bookmaker. In a booking exchange, however, a bettor can lay a bet and essentially become a bookmaker, profiting some money even without winning the overall bet.


Who do bettors bet on in track cycling?

Track cycling is a type of cycling race that is more commonly associated with teams representing as countries. This is because track cycling is competed only at the international level. Most of these races focus on the winner being the team who crossed the finish line first. Bets placed on track cycling races will usually be bets rooting for a specific country.

How does betting work for road cycling?

Road cycling encompasses single-day races, individual trial times, and stage races. Stage races, also known as tours, are the most popular, with races such as the Tour de France and the Gira D’Italia. These competitive races are more popular to bet money on as these races are either for individuals or a private team. Bettors place money on those who win certain classifications. Classifications include the team with the lowest collective time and a single rider with the lowest time. When placing bets on cyclists, it is important to review the individual’s strengths and weaknesses to make the most educated bet.