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Cycling in the sports sense is the term used to refer to racing with bicycles. There are several different types of competitive cycling including road racing, track cycling, BMX, and mountain biking. Cycling is an Olympic sport, and is also one of the world's most popular sports. The Tour de France, the premier cycling event, brings in 12-15 million spectators every year, and is the largest sporting event worldwide.

The world of cycling is vast and fascinating, so keep reading for more information on everything from the history of the sport to biographies on the best cyclists today.

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What are the benefits of cycling?

Cycling is a highly aerobic exercise, and has a lot of health benefits associated with it. Aside from increasing your strength and stamina, cycling improves your joint mobility, posture, bone density, and can decrease body fat!

In addition, cycling is lower-impact than other aerobic activities such as running, meaning that it is less likely that you will develop a joint or tendon injury, even if you're biking a lot. Cycling also reduces anxiety and depression, and is considered an excellent exercise for people trying to get in shape.24

There are some general rules that all cyclists should follow, called the "rules of the road." These rules are unofficial, but are considered proper etiquette. Failing to follow these rules can result not just in other people thinking you have bad manners, but can actually be dangerous.

The main rules are to be predictable and be as safe as possible. This means to be prepared before you go out to ride (make sure that your brakes, gears and other equipment work) and to act in obvious ways that other people on the road can know what you're doing, like using proper hand signals when turning.

Other rules include riding on the same side of the road as car traffic, and staying close to the shoulder when possible. Cyclists are also expected to obey all laws of traffic, like stopping at Red Lights and yielding to oncoming traffic.

What do you call a cyclist?

Competitive cyclists have many names, including:

  • Biker
  • Cyclist/bicyclist
  • Rider
  • Racer

What are the types of cycling?

There are a few different types of cycling. The three main ones are road, off-road, and track cycling. They all occur on different surfaces and have unique distances and rules.

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