What Should I Wear For My First Time Curling?

What Should I Wear For My First Time Curling

Curling is a sport played on the ice where two teams slide granite stones onto a target made up of one red and one blue ring, with one white ring of ice in the middle. Though there are a few different types of curling, traditional teams consist of four players on each side. It’s a sport that anyone can play, but what should you wear your first time on the ice?

The short answer is warm clothing and shoes suited for the ice. What exactly might that look like? Read on to find out.

What Pants Should New Curlers Wear?

The official Edinburgh curling website recommends that new curlers focus on two things when picking pants to wear curling: warmth and comfort. They recommend that pants be loose-fitting. Examples of good pants to wear are track pants, sweat pants, yoga pants, or jogging pants. They emphasize that players should not wear jeans to play.

The Granite Curling club also recommends that pants be stretchy. This is so that a player can move easily during a game. They also recommend layers that a player can take off, so if you are prone to getting cold easily, several layers of pants might be the best choice for you. This is so that as you exercise, you can remove unwanted layers but also stay comfortable when warming up and starting the game.

What Tops Should New Curlers Wear?

As with pants, staying warm is an essential thing to keep in mind when picking tops to go curling in. The Edinburgh curling website recommends a warm shirt with a coat over it. Layering is essential when choosing a top to wear curling. Light layers are a good choice so that they are easy to shed as you warm up while playing.

What Shoes and Accessories Should New Curlers Wear?

Shoes worn for curling should be well-suited for the ice. Firstly, they should be rubber soled. A pair of athletic sneakers or running shoes are good choices. They should also be very clean so that you are not dirtying up the ice. When the ice is dirty, this can affect the game. However, when curling, you will use an add-on to your shoe called a gripper. Grippers are worn over shoes and make it much easier to walk on the ice. There are also shoes made specifically for curling, but these are not necessary for a first-time curler.

Though not required, some form of headgear may be helpful to a first-time curler. Headgear can be worn either for warmth or protection. There are many hats that are comfortable and would provide the needed warmth, but a beanie is a good option for the cold. You can also wear a helmet if this makes you feel safer your first time on the ice. Gloves are another optional accessory for curlers, used to keep your hands warm while on the ice.