What kind of clothes do curlers wear?

When playing the sport of curling, it is crucial that you are dressed properly. Throughout the game, you will be on ice, but you will also be sweeping frivolously and throwing 42 pound stones. Let's take a look at what you should wear on the ice.

When you go curling be sure to:

  • Wear layers on the upper half of your body. You can always take them off or put them on as you play.
  • Wear some sort of pants that will be comfortable while exercising.
  • Dedicate a pair of shoes for curling.

Upper Body Clothing

The key for upper body clothing is to wear layers. As a new curler, you may not realize how important it is to dress in layers. To start off, it is best to wear a short or long sleeved shirt, and then a sweatshirt over that. If you are going to wear a long sleeved shirt, make sure that the sleeves can be rolled up if you get warm. If you normally feel colder than others, it may be a good idea to bring a light fleece jacket with you too.

As you begin to play, you will likely take off any jacket you brought and will be curling in a regular shirt. Over time, most curlers will end up curling in only one shirt. Some curlers will only wear a short sleeved shirt on to the ice because they know that they will be getting warm quickly, and do not feel that they need any extra layers.

Lower Body Clothing

For your legs, you only need one layer of clothing. It is best to wear something that you will be comfortable exercising in. Remember that you will be on the ice for about 2 hours (and sometimes more). Most curlers wear some type of sweatpants or similar athletic wear while they are on the ice.


For curling, it is best if you have a pair of clean, rubber soled shoes. This type of footwear will provide you with a little bit of extra traction of the ice as well. Make sure it is a shoe that you will be comfortable in as you will be moving on the ice for at least 2 hours. The most important part is to wear a pair of shoes that are dedicated to curling and will not be used elsewhere. This is because any debris that is brought on to the ice from the outside will affect how the stones travel down the ice. Even a tiny bit of dust can negatively affect how the stone travels down the ice.