Curling Team Names

Curling Puns

There are tons of curling puns available online for anyone to peruse. Many of these same curling puns can be turned into team names. Let's take a look at some curling team names that have puns, and then we will look at a few more curling puns so you can come up with your own team names.

"Punny" Curling Team Names

Here are a few curling team names that contain puns to inspire you. Based on these, you will have some fun coming up with your own "punny" team names:

  • The Sweep Life: A riff on the The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and incorporates sweeping
  • Ice Queens: A team of four female players
  • Stone Ages: A pun relating to the historical Stone Age Period, and incorporates curling stones
  • Gene Hackmans: A pun relating to Gene Hackman (an actor), and the hack (foothold in the ice that players deliver stones from)

Additional Curling Puns

  • I'm sure you can handle it! - relating to the handle (rotation) of a curling stone when it is released
  • You rock! - relating to a curling stone
  • What the hack?! - relating to the hack (foothold in the ice that players deliver stones from)
  • Let's rock through this game! - relating to a curling stone
  • "We Will Rock You!" - relating to Queen's song and curling stones
  • A curler's favorite food is takeout. - relating to a takeout shot
  • Don't take that shot for granite! - relating to the material of a curling stone (granite)
  • Hammer in some enthusiasm! - relating to the hammer (last-shot advantage)

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