Curling Shot Types

Curling Shots

Now that we have learned about delivering and releasing stones, split times, and effective shooting techniques, it's time to study the different types of curling shots in a game. These shot types are all useful for different scenarios and have a unique purpose. Let's learn the function of the shot, its split times, and the stone's desired location. There are lots of curling shots that you should know. Here is a list of the five basic and most common types of curling shots:

  1. Draws
  2. Guards
  3. Takeouts
  4. Freezes
  5. Peels

Curling Shot Types


A draw in curling is a shot that stops in the house and does not make contact or interact with any stones as it travels down the ice. It is better for a draw to stop in the top half of the house rather than the back half of the house.

Curling Draw


A guard in curling is a special kind of draw. Guards are thrown so that they stop in the free guard zone and protect stones in the house.

Curling Guard


A takeout in curling is a shot that involves removing one or more stones from play. There are multiple types of takeouts such as double takeouts, triple takeouts, and raised takeouts.

Curling Takeout


A freeze in curling is a shot that stops immediately in front of an opponent's stone so that it can limit the opponent's scoring area. Freezes can be thrown to the nose of the stone or one of the corners of the stone.

Curling Freeze


A peel in curling is a special type of takeout that involves removing guards from play. As per the Free Guard Rule, peels cannot occur until the first five stones of the end have been thrown.

Curling Peel

Curling Shot Terminology

Here are some glossary terms related to curling shots that you should know:

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